Sunday, November 28, 2010


I feel obligated to ensure you that although I broke the rule and put up Christmas pre Thanksgiving,
that does not mean I neglected to give Thanksgiving its adieu.

Got the banner making idea from another blog! I am not the crafty type so I am completely impressed with myself!

The banner still hangs today {Sunday} because I am thankful.
When it really boils down to it. I am thankful for my life.
It's not perfect. Its not always glorious, some days are down right disasters, but
I am thankful for the good (click the links if interested in the good and bad)

and the bad because both the good and the bad make my life what it is today and
although I would like to go without the bad, its not realistic and without it would the good still be good?

For the first time I was the Thanksgiving host and we raised our glasses and
gave thanks
to the good and the bad!

I even transformed the "Christmas trees" into "thankful for {4}..." trees
and each guest received a {4{ and took a moment to reflect on what they were thankful for this year.

I am thankful for moments like these...
After lunch everyone had other places to run to, so Mark and I packed the kids up according to the 'ole Sanley family tradition and went to the movie theater to see Tangled.
It ended up being a great way to spend Thanksgiving evening as a family. It was kadence's first time in the theater and she did surprisingly well as long as she was on constant feed of movie theater popcorn! (definitely thankful for that!)

.........and thanksgiving always leads to
Black Friday people!
The only way to kick off the holiday season!

We did it up right!
Out the door by 2:20 am
Christmas music
tons of ads
good deals!
I so got my ipod! Woo Hoo
and just a "few" other things!
by the time we got home at 3:30 in the afternoon we had already been shopping for 12 hours and awake for 13 {which makes it closer to 20hours by the time bedtime came around!}
It was great!
Black Friday
It beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.
I am thankful!


Kim said...

Awesome blog and I'm also so thankful for all the good and bad things in my life. Thank you for being a great sister and best friend!!!!

The Preister's said...

i love how much you love life!