Friday, March 19, 2010

New badge of honor

Highlights from today:

1. We made it out the door this morning and everyone was still Alive! (mornings are so not pretty here, This alone is a monumental task!)

2. I got a new mattress pad. I am very excited about it. In fact we ran home, ripped the sheets off the bed, and pulled the new mattress pad on right away and then the three of us (Mark's at work) laid on it to make sure it "worked." ~I am not sure what it says about me when getting a new mattress pad makes the highlight reel but whatever. It is what it is and I am excited.

3.We got Icee's from Burger King for Fun Friday instead of the usual fun friday ice cream. The Icee just bumped Fun Friday up to a whole new level. The kids are in LoVe!

4. Kadence wanted to wear underwear tonight and I said sure, why not?! Why not, because this ended with me catching a rather large turd with my hands. Let's not talk about it. Okay. Really. An entire thingy of hand soap and a bottle of hand sanitizer later......I am moving on. Just another badge of mom honor (that I'd rather forget) to put right next to the picking up chunks of vomit with your hands badge. yea mom-hood.

5. I indulged in the greatest ice cream from Schwanny (aka Schwans man) It is called Sweet and Salty. Let's just say it was worth schwanny's price for ice cream just this one time. (I mean really, see #4 I deserve a lil' somethin')

6. As of tonight Kadence has the freedom to get out of her bed (Yes please spare me the lecture that she is old enough for a big bed. This I know. This I have denied for as Long as possible. Have you met her?!) and as of now I only put her to bed.........ONE TIME! ~ To my knowledge she is still there! *insert smile here* but I haven't opened the door to check!

"A man's work is from sun to sun, but a mother's work is never done." ~unknown

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Kim said...

Love the picture of Kadence and her butt!!!!