Sunday, August 7, 2016

The war of two worlds...

“I am a human being, not a human doing.” 

In this doers world, simply being is becoming rare and precious. 

“Everything is hype, noise, desire, desperation, speed and greed. We in the modern world are good at ‘doing,’ but anemic at ‘being.’ 

Entertainment, busy-ness, texting while walking or even driving…’Efficiency’ is an addictive myth based on our fidgety fear of opening up. 

We can not ‘do’ properly until we can, first, ‘be’ fully. 

Practice doing nothing – then – we can accomplish…ANYTHING.” ~Feinberg

*The above is taped to my computer screen at work...take a moment to think about it. 

I have felt a little torn between two worlds lately. 
In the one world I want more...

...yet I want less.

That makes no sense at all does it?

When we turn the corner to August every year I get a little melancholy.
Summer is winding down and we are turning the corner into a new school year soon. 
The reality of that for me personally is just so.....
I had put it aside mentally, until a couple weeks ago when a friend asked an innocent question about school shopping and before I could form a sentence I was crying.
*If you can relate call me. We can start a support group.

The last day of school the kids and I started making our summer bucket list. 
It includes all kinds of ideas from big to small. 
In passing, a friend made a comment about our bucket list and rolled her eyes 
like I was just over the top. 
Here's the deal. 

The bucket list isn't for the kids.  
It definitely isn't for any super mom status.
In fact, it is the direct opposite. 
The summer bucket list is for accountability. 

It holds me accountable 
to stop.

That's it. `

If there is no list I will, "maybe next weekend" us right into fall. 

 I know that this day will come every year where summer is winding down and the weight of the school year will begin and if I can't remember to just stop doing and start being...well it scares me. 

Most summers include the "where are you going on vacation?" question. 
If I am completely, honest deep down I really want to answer something exotic or magical. 

I had started tucking away a little money through the year to put toward some sort of a summer vacation, but as life would have it I made the decision to use our vacation fund on something that came up that I felt was pivotal. Not fun. Not exotic or magical,  However necessary. 

I know that's just part of life. 
Part of "adulting," but that doesn't mean I can't take a night to cry about it right?

Knowing that most the vacation fund was now "spoken for" the next question came to light, what will we do for a get away?

One day I had Kadence review our summer bucket list and her top thing to do this summer was swim and Cohen's top item was fishing. Well it didn't take a genius to put the picture together that perhaps camping was just the thing for us. Thankfully mom and dad put on a brave front and accompanied the Calahans camping, since I don't have a boat and there is no way this mama is taking a fish off the hook. 

Here's the thing I know but seem to so easily forget......

You do not have to spend a lot of money to go somewhere that feels exotic...

or magical really......

Maybe the magic is in the simplicity. 

Maybe the magic is in escaping reality for a few days. 

Maybe you just have to be willing to find magic wherever you are. 

so tell me: How do you find the magic where you are?