Monday, February 15, 2016

The chaos

Here's the deal.
Every day seems just as busy as the next, sometimes more. 

I so easily get caught up in the "well next week I'll have more time"....facade.
Most days we are barely keeping afloat. 
(no pun intended after the giant flood in the basement last week)

There's been plenty of that at work
and home (above mentioned flooding)
The Kids. 

Last week on the phone with a coworker I said....I feel like I'm always finding a soap box to stand on.
I need less boxes to stand on.
I'm tired.  
We talked.
I came to a resolution thanks to her wisdom and insight.
That's not who I am. 

I put passion into all the things that matter to me. 
It doesn't matter if its
My kids.
As she said "That's not who you are.
When you live with passion you can't help it."

When I came across this quote
"Sometimes it is not about balancing your life; its about balancing your mind despite the chaos." ~Burchard
It was the solid reminder I needed. 

It is just so true. 
Life is always going to be crazy. 
I am always going to wish I wasn't working and could give more attention to my kids.
I am always going to wish I could do more for the families I work with. 
I am always going to wish I could balance those two passions,
and I can't. 

I can't. 

I can, however, do a better job of choosing to balance my mind despite the chaos.
...not letting guilt creep in. 

Turn that passion toward
Being Present. 

I know that I need to be present. 
Being Present with whatever I am doing. 
Seems so simple
some days is so hard. 
It really is a choice,
I just have to make it.