Sunday, April 15, 2012


Do you ever for a moment feel like crumbling
under the weight of the responsibility you carry day to day?

Last week an unexpected "weight" was added to my (and another's) load.

I have appropriately nicknamed it "my black day." 
The day when unexpected, unpleasant work news,
sends me whirling and nothing will ever be sunny again.
 Any idea brainstormed will "never" work.
Any suggestion is "stupid."
Any possibility is squashed
Any attempt to "help" seems patronizing.

I have come to understand that I need a day, not any day, but a black day,
I need to give that to myself,
in fact I finally just embraced it,
and announced it, to anyone who walked in,
and now it's "game on" again.

I pre-ordered a much anticipated book
Bloom: Finding beauty in the unexpected by Kelle Hampton.
It was to be shipped on April 3rd.
Other friends had received their books and read them already
and still no book on my door step.

Wanna know what day that book finally arrived at my front door. 
Black day.
No joke.
 On black day.
The sun won't shine again day
and ta da into my hands a book,
not any book,
 but a book called Bloom: Finding the beauty in the unexpected.
How cool is that?!

I know the sun will shine again.
I know that we will create a new plan and somehow,
some unexpected way it will work out. 
I have definitely learned that sometimes I just have to let go and trust in the process.

A quote from Bloom: "You know, through pain, you learn a lot about yourself.....So many people fear hard times. They go through their life solely seeking comfort and avoiding personal growth at all costs because it hurts...If you can find a part of you to believe me and trust in what I am saying-you will be happier than you've ever been.....I want you to picture some hypothetical person in your mind-someone who handled Down Syndrome exactly like you wish you could. Now go and be that person. Rock this out. Rock it out and show the world another way. Imagine a light switch in your brain-a switch that shifts your paradigm. Put on different glasses, discard the old ones, and flip the switch. Because life is all about how you look at it."

Isn't that the truth.
forced change,
unexpected turns,
those moments are the moments that push us to our limits.
Those are the moments that we come face to face with our inner selves
and have to battle it out.
Be crushed under the pressure

laugh in it's face,
coming out stronger, wiser, just a little more centered.
Coming out with yet another new,
and better perspective.

As I always say...perspective. It's always changing.

Game on perspective.
Change is inevitable.

Embracing the change however is not.

That's a choice.
That's a decision.

I have no idea where this journey is headed,
What "lessons" are coming my way,
I know that a few more "black days" will creep in,
but for now I am letting go
choosing to bow down and say
Game on Change.
Game on.