Sunday, June 15, 2014

This & That

I have no idea how we are to mid June already!
Time is flying by!

We tried like heck to convince Kadence to drop the training wheels last year and she resisted with every fiber of her spunky being.
Anticipating a big  resistance again this year, I asked and she said "Sure"
I took them off and well....
she took off.
She said "Look I just taught myself!"

If only everything in life worked that way huh!?

She is mighty proud of herself!

Speaking of teaching yourself,
Benson taught himself to climb the ladder on the swing set.
we're so excited *dripping with sarcasm*

The kid has an internal need to climb.

It seems as if we live life on the fly most days...
and for the most part, 
its true.

Kadence and Cohen both had tournaments this weekend.

A girl's softball tourney brought fun things we don't see at baseball..
glitter hairspray
blue glitter "black eye"
It was great!

The boys were on fire this weekend and made it to the championship game, 
there were some proud dad's for Father's Day today.
Such an outstanding group of men
shaping the lives of our boys...

 ....and the moms
they're a bit unpredictable.

They are growing up so quickly.

Notice what's left of Kadence's 1st black eye....last week she looked in the mirror and said "I cannot go to softball looking like this!"  

I know I stated  that it feels like life is flying by
and indeed it is.
When I go back and look at random pictures....
it reminds me that although the days are flying by for me...
the perspective is different for the kids.

These are the moments they will tell stories about some day....

We are always concocting something to add to the swing set.
This year Cohen worked up a pulley system for a bucket, 
all on his own....
I was impressed.

Until he dumped a bucket of water on his sister's head
and all hell broke lose.

*I never claimed every day was beautiful*

We attempted a little pinterest activity the other weekend
and it worked fabulously!

..however maybe I should have written: 
Dance in the chaos!

....just don't forget to dance.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Paper plates are sooo yesterday...

I just took paper plate mom to a whole different level.

Hats off to Hy-Vee for my big score!

'aint to proud to post! 

.....and their travel-ability is far superior to that of a meager paper plate. 

I"m not sure this is what George Washington Carver had in mind...