Monday, June 20, 2016

You can't make this stuff up

This happened this weekend. 
You can't just make this stuff up! 

An older, wiser, amazing couple were in the pool this weekend.

They grabbed my attention as I noticed the wife heading over to the slide. My first thought was "that's awesome she is going down the slide!
Then I glance over and there is her husband...
fidgeting with the phone, 
telling her to wait a minute, 
then came the hand gesture for her to go...
he made a video of her going down the slide!

It didn't stop there. They watched the clip. Laughed.
Then off he goes. 
Yep. He was headed down the slide and there she was standing with her phone to video it. 

I could not stand the awesomeness of the moment so after contemplating it for about 3 minutes I swam over to where they were hanging out and said...."ya know if you wanted to race, I could record it for you." It took them all of 1 second to make that decision! 
She responded with "Oh yes then I could post it on Facebook!"
Oh I love them even more now.

Afterwards I got their phone number and texted the video to them (their phone died) as they were watching it on my phone he harassed her that he obviously won. They re-watched it and she noted he took off before she said "Go" so she planned to post it on Facebook with the caption "Cheater!" 

As I walked away smiling to my core, 
the gentlemen said "Thank you so much, that just made our vacation." 
I just said "No, thank you." 
It made my day.
Still makes me smile today.

Life is hard.
Life is full of responsibilities, stress, day to day tasks.
How does one  maintain a sense of adventure, like these two lovely folks?
I'm sure they have had their fair share of hardships.
I don't know their life story.
I don't need to.
I can see it in their eyes. 
I know that they choose to live this one wild and crazy life they've been given.
That's all I need to know to find admiration for who they are. 
When I grow up I want to be like them.