Friday, March 11, 2016

What just happened?!

Never say Never.

I should know that already but once again I am reminded that all minds are brilliant and all minds operate differently.

About a month ago Cohen asked if he could go to the lumbar yard to get some wood to build a box car. I said......sure. He had a paper with measurements on it but I am not sure what he measured. We ended up with like 1/2 a sheet of plywood and some really big screws. I said...ya know the guy at the lumbar yard was asking a lot of questions about what you were trying to build so he knew what to help you buy...I know you like to build from scratch but for something big like a box car that you intend to ride in I think you will need to google and find some directions or blue prints or something. He argued with me. We dropped the conversation.

Then he was harassing Grandpa to cut the plywood. He drew out where to cut etc.
Grandma told him to look up some instructions.
He walked away shaking his head.

Again I "nudged" him to just look up some directions so we would know how to build a box car. Again he got mad.
End of discussion.
I may have rolled my eyes as he walked away. 

Last night I got home and he said look at my car! He finished it.
I was impressed.
I said how did you ever do that without looking up instructions.
He said "I don't need instructions. It's all in my head."  
I don't know how because they are not in mine!

However I still needed to dig a little so I said you know directions would have helped because right now you don't have steering or brakes so how are you going to keep from crashing. If you want to ride in it. You are going to need at least one of those. I drove away thinking...good luck with that little buddy! 

This is what I came home to today.
He wired brakes.

That my friends is genius and again one more time I have been proven dead wrong.
What just happened?!

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