Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Wish Hard. Dream Big

We have been blessed to have this lil guy in our lives for two years now. 

It seems surreal 

The days go by so quickly.

His current interests are:
Moving the kitchen chairs to climb onto and up on anything possible.
Moving the kitchen chairs to get a "nack" by himself.
Moving the kitchen chairs over to turn on the water in the sink.
*picking up on a theme yet
Proclaiming anything and everything as "mine
*He's pretty convincing too
Plug ins and outlets, so enticing.
Toilet paper
*so cool, have you seen how far a roll can go?
The toilet. 
*It's great. Who doesn't love a toilet? You can put things in it, like above mentioned toilet paper and say "bye bye" and then there's this thingy you pull on and whoosh there it goes. 
He's the best hugger ever.
He has learned to spit (I mean its not a milestone in a baby book but whatever but we've never been a by the book kinda family*Thanks Avery

Two is a big year,
So many things to learn.

When I first posted about Benson's arrival here
 The only way I could describe it then was: You complete us.

That is so true still today.
All the fear.
All the worry.
All the doubt.
It was all so worth it.
The wait was worth it. 

I think we all need him as much as he needs us.
As I think about that, isn't that what family is?
...always there. No questions asked.
One of life's most generous gifts.

As I sit here tonight, taking a moment to reflect on his life.
Our lives.
My thoughts keep drifting back to the day I thought he would be "miscarriage #3"
Its not something I've talked about here ever. 
I was certain it was over.
In fact sometimes I have sit down and think was it 2 or 3 because it feels like it was 3.
That's how real it was. 
That's how certain I was. 
We were on vacation. 
It's so vividly burned into my memories.

Sometimes there is no worldly explanation.


He is the one who completes us.

Wish Hard, Dream Big,
2 years. 
So much to come....

"Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation." ~E. Koop