Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a lil' loopty loop

Random acts of kindness

"Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves." ~James Barrie

Life can be so ironic some days can't it.

Just when life is headed down a predictable path, you hit the loopty loop~and I love the loopty loop!

So let me start at the ironic part:

In February after a bad week a friend randomly dropped off a "happy" treat in my door.

Then for my bday I got some unexpected treasures and cards. I asked myself then: Why don't I do more, small, unexpected, random kind things for my friends? It really made my day each time. It just left me.... happy. I don't even send birthday cards in the mail?! I mean seriously?! Even a card in the mailbox makes me smile! It's not hard to brighten someone's day, so what seems to be the hold up self? Of course there is no acceptable answer!

So the irony is yesterday I was eager and excited to put together a little birthday unexpected treat for a friend. Nothing spectacular or earth shattering, just a little something to say "hey have good day!" As I was going to deliver it I was more than excited. It was at that moment that I thought to myself that I may be a bit selfish! As these "random" acts of kindness just may bring me more happiness than the recipient. (It really wasn't that exciting of a gift!)

It is almost addicting. Like a high! So does that defeat the "doing good for someone else" if I still get a "payoff!?" Just wondering!

I was pondering all of that yesterday but wasn't going to "blog" about it! I mean who does just a small nice gesture and then advertises it. It kind of defeats doing a nice thing if you go advertising "I did a good deed today."


Then comes today.

A few years ago my life crossed paths with someone under less than desirable circumstances, which is sometimes the case with my job. I once had a mom tell me "I really like you, but I wish I never had to know you existed. Can you understand that?" and I COULD! I can't help but think this mom probably would think the same thing! Anyways that was a sidebar.....

So today I was still trying to figure out if starting to do more random kind unexpected things for others, gives me that "high" every time, is that considered selfish, does it defeat the purpose? The payoff isn't suppose to be mine.........

When I get a call from up front

"Jen someone is here to see you." I thought to myself. "hmm that can't be good I am not expecting anyone."

And there she was. Bringing me, my very own treasure. It was completely unexpected.

Completely unnecessary.

Completely random and kind.

And it Completely made my day!
(it is "pendant" that will go on a chain to make a necklace. The picture is of Cohen and Kadence and it says the little things in life.)
Isn't it wonderful!? I Love it and can't wait to wear it! I am hoping & wishing sunshine is in her life today!
So now tonight as I think about it.....nope it can't be selfish to positively impact someone else's day. In fact I am thinking it is exactly what this world needs more of!
Today I challenge you to do something unexpected for someone else! I guarantee it will not only positively impact someone else's day but yours too! How great is that really?!
I already have my next random act in mind...and it is definitely the definition of random and anonymous! The anticipation is killing me, so exciting! *insert very big, kid like, smile*
"He who gives when he is asked has waited too long." ~Sunshine magazine.
and I can't help myself tonight ( I love quotes!)
"Being good is commendable, but only when it is combined with doing good is it useful." ~unknown
So go forth into the world and do good! Let's all ride the loopty loop!


Paige said...

Love it!

kim said...

very cute!!!!!

Kelsey said...

Ahh too cute!!! and you do too do this all the time to be sweet.. i remember a couple of times i was having a bad day and you would randomly drop off a pepsi for me :) I also love doing random things for others.. it is a "high"

The Preister's said...

I agree with Kelsey!! I could never get a good enough picture of the amazing RANDOM ACT OF KINDESS you showed me several weeks ago with the awesome gold angel! Your family must be hard-wired to be amazing...I am inspired by you and Linda almost daily!! I may create a new slogan WWL&JD (What would Linda & Jen do!!) I think it will be all the rage soon :-)

Thank YOU for making the world a better place!