Friday, March 12, 2010

My beautiful boy

Oh Cohen 5 years. Really?! Could it be possible? What a journey it has been watching you grow. Where to begin? At the beginning I suppose. We found out we were expecting and the due date was March 14th. (One day from my birthday!) March 12th about 4am I started to notice contractions. Boy we stuck it out at home for quite a while and checked into the hospital at 8pm that night. My contractions were just 2mins apart and I thought for sure you were coming any minute! (silly me) Aunt Linda was doing drive by's stalking the hospital to figure out if we were there or not! What a journey it was just bringing you into this world. Is it coincidental, I am not sure, that you were so hesitant to join this unpredictable world, because even now at almost 5 years old if I say you are growing up or getting bigger, you always tell me back "I just want to stay little." Oh how wise you are my little man. You were finally born at 4:57pm March 13th. 36 hours later. (mommy is not looking so hot here~where is that new mom glow~ I'm afraid it wore off about 24 hours earlier and was over taken by body shaking, vomiting, fever ridden, oxygen dependent, depleted glazed mom)

We are forever connected.

Our day.

Just us.

Sometimes I lay awake at night wondering what your journey in life will be. What paths will you walk. Will you know happiness? Will you know love? Will you feel success? Confidence?

Will you take on this world and make it a better place?

Will you always remember what really matters? Will you make the right choices when faced with a choice between what is right and what is popular?

Will you remember to love life!? Will you smile. Laugh. Enjoy. Treasure all that you can.

When you are grown will I look back and know I've done all I could to give you all those things.
Have I lived my life the way I want you to live yours? Have I given you the correct "shoes" to walk the paths that your life is going to take you on. I know all too well that the ground work is already laid for you. Oh Cohen have I done what I needed? Will I do what I need to as time goes on?

Will you recognize the value of your own wife and kids someday?

What secrets will you carry?

Will you remember to pursue the things you love? The things that make you happy?

There is such an enormous amount of responsibility when taking on the role of "mom" or "parent." When you blow out your candles tomorrow you will make wishes for semis and cars, trucks and bikes and I will be along side you blowing out mine and wishing more than anything that I have given you everything you need to take this journey in life and find happiness. My love for you is unmeasurable. Happy birthday lil' man. My Cohen.


Meg said...

Why does time have to go so fast?! It seems like yesterday he was just a baby. I don't have to tell you to continue to cherish every moment as you have been.Happy birthday to you both!

Kim said...

Cohen we love you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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