Thursday, March 18, 2010

Breath it in.

"My Childhood may be over, but that doesn't mean play time is." ~Ron Olson
I love spring. I love the smell. I love when I walked out the door today the sun was shining. It is amazing how much just the sun shine and smell of spring can bring so many thoughts rushing in.
Every time I walked outside today I had to pause and just breath it in. I swear I had a new spring in my step (no pun intended) today. Even though I know that tomorrow is a whole different story and spring is not here to stay. I felt driven to capture all possible spring activities into this evening so today we drove with the sun roof open~ahh breath in the air. My lungs are free again!~
We grilled out. ~oh that savory grilled taste. My tastebuds missed you so. Makes me dream of summer~
We went for a short walk/bike ride. ~Just makes me feel ALIVE.~

For some unexplainable reason this fresh spring filled air made me wonder what would I do if I had lots and lots of money. (I know that it is not connected to spring really and have no idea why I started to wonder about this tonight. Again I think I warned you in my first post that sometimes my mind is consumed with thoughts! Didn't I?! I think so!) Maybe the dreaming comes from the promise of spring, of new life. ~grass greening, flowers blooming, new life, new thoughts, new inspiration, new dreams. ~

I, of course, would want the usual things. Nicer home. Dish washer (ohhh I dream big), cleaning lady everyday!, but really if I had unlimited money I would love to do something like....go through the drive thru once a week and pay for the meals of all the cars behind me. Just because I could.
Just for the possibly of impacting someone's life right when they needed it.
Seems that sometimes, when I am hitting the drive thru, it is because I have 9 million tasks crammed into not enough time, the kids are whining about something/anything, I am usually feeling guilty that we should be saving money and eating at home, but cooking seems to daunting of a task to add in, all while trying to convince the kids to be satisfied in their carseats while we wait, ...not always, but sometimes you are waiting in the drive thru and life just seems "crabby." Maybe just maybe I could be the car in front of that mom. Maybe I could change her attitude, which changes her day, which changes her interactions with her kids, which changes the world really.

I would love to drive to Children's Hospital, walk into the billing department and pay off all the bills that some mommy and daddy are sitting up at the table late at night after putting their recently discharged/very sick baby to bed, wondering how they will ever pay all the bills.

Maybe not as glamorous but I would definitely buy a nice new shiny, wonderful, enticing playground for the dilapidated park in Rising City! So that all kids, not just mine, can run, laugh, play, breath in the fresh~alive~spring air, so that some day when they are grown and they step out of their office to take in the new air of a coming spring their minds too, like mine, are flooded with memories,
where if they listen closely enough they can almost hear the laughter from their childhood.
Yeah I would do that
and so much more if I continue to let myself dream of such things!
If I could.


Kim said...

We must have been on the same page today! I want to dream with you :)

Kelsey said...

Must have been the day to dream. cause i was thinking the same thing :)

Jen said...

What were you two dreaming of??

The Preister's said...

Maybe it was the positon of the moon because Chad and I were talking about this too!! Not that it will ever happen...but if it does, we have our list down :-)

Kim said...

Jennifer I was dreaming of having Money, Money to make my house pretty and the lawn ready for spring and flowers!!!!