Monday, November 22, 2010

throw cares away

So I broke the "rule"

and we decked the halls with Christmas this weekend (yes pre Thanksgiving)

 and guess what.....the world did not implode on fact it was just what we needed to lift the spirit in this house of stress lately!
If you would have dropped by this weekend you would have found a Christmas strung from here to there, me~no make up~no hair fixed....totally sucked into the thought of hibernating in our house{that has been cleaned and new carpet installed-Yippeeeeeee} for the whole weekend!
 The kids were just as sucked in as I was (and guess what...I told Mark to pick up a "small tree" for the kids' room when he ran to Columbus Saturday. He came home with a 6 footer...okay! So much for small tree!
Mark said you could not really decorate a small tree {and my tree in the living room is so off limits} so they needed a bigger one! Oh yeah baby he's so sucked in too, although denies it!)
I am loving every minute of this!
 I did not have ornaments at my finger tips to decorate an additional 6 footer so we had to create our own! The kids were completely enthralled by the entire thing!
 Kadence even got a chair for her baby to see the tree "PRETTY" she tells her!
Cohen thinks that maybe just maybe Santa will put their presents under their own tree in their own room!
Yes I broke the rules and Christmas has completely exploded at our house!
and I am loving every minute of it
{I even sat in the living room, dark,. just the Christmas tree lights twinkling and reflecting off the shiny ornaments. It is so calming to my soul. I can't stop staring at them....sigh}

Get those lights up people
Calm your souls
You'll love it!

Black Friday is on the horizon........the official kick off of the season!
all seem to say throw cares away, Christmas is here bringing good cheer!


Kelsey said...

Ahh Jen so cute!!! i put my christmas stuff up friday :) but my prelit tree lights arent working so now i need to go buy some lights :( i too love my house decorated for christmas :)

Kim said...

The tree looks great and excited to get my stuff up this weekend. Right now my force is on black friday!!!!!