Thursday, July 1, 2010

Awesome. Yeah pretty Cool.

So we quickly pull out onto 8th st after daycare and drive by the gas station that has some pennant flags outside and Cohen says "we should get those mom for the back yard." To which I say "hmm okay. Why not. Let's go."  Just a note: Walmart does not carry these flags......add 2nd stop at Party Palace and......

Ta Daaaa
Who knew that we bought one long enough to wrap around the swing set twice! (I hated math!)  and yes Cohen zip tied the swings together so he can "swing Kadence" because he's "so strong."  ~ahh insert melty, mushy, mom heart here!~Okay So I admit it is a bit over the top!

BUT both kids stood on the dinning room chairs looking out the window last night, watching the flags blow and Kadence said "Awesome" and Cohen said "yeah pretty cool" and the conversation was just between the two of them ...and that was all I needed. That moment was all I needed to say....Thank God I said "Yes!" when my normal response is "no. not today."  Ya know. So many "cool" moments are missed because I am "so" busy...but not this time! Not this moment.

I found this picture ....... Look at that concentration!

We finished up T-ball tonight and it was magical! Cohen was SO proud! He wanted to stop at people's houses and show them his medal! Isn't that cute?! I am completely in love with that boy!

This picture just captures his spirit perfectly at this time in his life.
Full of life.
Full of wonder.
Free and the world his...playground.
(this picture ~above~made me a little teary eyed I must admit! I love when the camara captures the essence and not just the moment you know?!)

It is such an amazing process and gift to be able to watch your child grow up. It is an enormous responsibility to shape their lives, yet unfathomable joy to see their independence and growth!

And speaking of......independence: I told Cohen look tough.......

Which got a response from miss independent herself...."me mom"

yes folks.  Life is good....

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kim said...

way to go Jennifer. You are such a cool mom!!!