Tuesday, June 29, 2010

kinda Crinkly and bend-y

SO I walk into Menard's, find someone wearing their Terrier Blue Menard's shirt and say....do you have some big tubing?  It would be plastic, kind of bend-y? I am not sure what it is called but what I see in my head has crinkles in it, kind of like an accordion?  SO the associate says back to me "hmm, I dont' know, what are you using it for?
Well you see I want to add some tubing to the swing set that we can race cars down.
Confused look on associates face (obviously doesn't have kids I mean come on, who doesn't know what I am talking about with that great description?)
We wandered around some different departments and ended up in Plumbing....again explain what I am looking for to the 65 year old associate working plumbing. Who again asks...what are you using it for?? Which again leads me to explain the whole concept. He smiles and says "sounds like quite the project." HA!
So he says "corrugated tubing" Yes I say I do believe that is it! Unless you can think of anything else that we could wrap on a swing set and race cars down.....nope he could not!
I also found 36in or in other terms 3ft zip ties! Who knew they made them that big!
and we headed for home......

This is designated back yard project #1 this summer from my summer list! Cohen was totally thinking this was awesome idea and quite the hard worker!

We did recruit dad's help for a little portion! I wasn't too sure about using a blade to cut the tubing! Yikes!
Kadence got a little bored with the process!
But was all for  racing the cars! AWESOME she said!

So far so good!
It was fun and I want to go let the Menard's guy know it all worked out! ~insert smile~

More summer fun to come........(despite that Kadence has broke out in some weird rash, I can't find my camara, I told Mark I wished he was the husband of my dreams (ya know the kind that cleans without asking etc..and he said "well if I was then what would you have left to dream and that's not fair to you," I have lost all control, and the house has been over run by piles of clothes and other neglected assorted items!, and I caught Cohen standing on the counter trying to pee in the toilet! Look mom!.... sigh)


The Preister's said...

for what its worth I new exactly what you were talking about! perk of being married to a plumber maybe?! What a FUN project, super mom!!
love the story of Cohen on the coutner, that is hilarious!!

Paige said...

LOVE it!

Kim said...

Good job jennifer