Wednesday, June 9, 2010

look mom, no hands!

I am knee deep in laundry. I had to swim through the piles to even make it to the computer.
I just put Kadence back in bed for the 37th time tonight.
I took one kid to VBS another to daycare, worked 8 hours, took one kid to swim lessons, made and fed the kids supper, washed the dishes, went on a bike ride, gave 8 under doggies on the swings, pulled some weeds out of the landscaping....and well I am tired. Funny thing though, can't go to bed until lil' K'dance decides to give up! All in a day's work isn't that the saying. We mommas deserve an award! Tonight I crown each of you mommies Queen for the day! You rock! Thank you. Thank you for everything you do~everyday~that goes unnoticed!

"And Girls Weekend 2010 has officially ended...good friends have become even closer...great times were had...lasting memories made...realizing even though now we are wives and mothers...deep down we haven't lost touch of who we are and from time to time it just needs to resurface to make us realize that absence really does make the heart grow fonder and we love our lives and wouldn't have it any other way." ~Crystal Zimmerman

Girls weekend was everything it could be and needed to be.

I have been reflecting on why a girls weekend is so important and seems I cannot put it into words.

Just for a night boy did we shine. 

and we didn't have snot, boogers, cookie or any other finger prints on our clothes! Imagine!
We stayed up late. Slept in. No schedule. No demands. Fly by the seat of our pants kind of weekend. Every once in awile someone had to remind another to "leave the mom behind" because habits are hard to break (did we shut the lights off? Really! Leave the mom behind It's a hotel! )
I did learn that I am older and extreme heat and  loopty loops don't necessarily do good things to me anymore.

BUT thank goodness, I can still do the big drop off and by the third time I was coerced into the front car and pulled off a "no hands!" at 75 mph!  The rush! Awesome.

The best part...oh the best part, was there was a moment on this trip where we all lived.

Where life surges through your veins and your happy meter is off the charts.
Where you laugh until you pee a little (it was a mom trip) and your cheeks hurt. 

Like a magic fairy flew over and sprinkled pixie dust and erased that little voice in your head that says ~in one hour you need to do this,I think I forgot to, I better call so and so, tomorrow I have to, I need to, I better not, Should of, Could of, Would of. ~and we were free to fly!

Even that voice that says "suck it in"~poof gone~Magic I tell you~

I am sure there are some that may see this as



Not responsible.


so be it, call it what you want, but I see it as magic.  A rare ~magic~moment where you are so alive that if someone stood close enough they could hear music pouring out of your soul. Ya know!?

Bucket lists were created, modified, crossed off, extended, possible and tangible! I believe I am going to have to resurface mine Jen's bucket list here soon to add: Kicked out of a biker bar~not just kicked out but carried out by the security guard~
Memories were made. Stories were told. Secrets shared....lives weaved closer together.

The weekend was indescribable and coming home was like
the icing on the cake,
the cherry on top.
Who could resist the desire to come home to this:


Kim said...

this is Kim on mom's computer. that post says it all and it was a great memory made and very refreshing. Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ready to do it again. Thanks for being a great sister and friend :) I won't have survived without you on sunday :) and I mean that!

The Preister's said...

I can feel the excitment thru your words!! So glad you were able to enjoy yourselves and really get a good girls get away! I did this last fall with a girlfriend for a concert -- awesome!