Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I put on my summer list..."wear more skirts/dresses/summer attire" right?

Let me answer that for you. Yes, Yes I did.

In an attempt to meet that I did indeed wear a fun flowy skirt to work today.

You may be thinking. Yay for you?! I mean big deal right? What is so "classic" about that? right?

Well picture this.....

Late afternoon...sitting at the computer...getting very drowsy. My coworkers and I go for a 15 min walk and while we are walking and I am thinking about how fun it is that I am wearing a skirt and it is kind of blowing in the wind and I felt like a kid!{confident} 

After the walk I grab a giant diet Pepsi.

Drink Pepsi.

Get kids from daycare and drive home.

Hmmm as we are driving home I am thinking I should have used the facilities (ya know giant diet Pepsi!)

We get home and  Kadence follows me to the bathroom (because when would I ever pee alone?!) and the conversation is going a bit like this
"Mommy potty?"
"yes kadence mommy is going potty."
 "Mommy potty?" (you get the picture here right.) 

Kadence gets me some toilet paper


Yes yes I peed on the back of my skirt which had fallen in the toilet!

 And that my friends is "classic."

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Kim said...

at least you didn't do that at work!