Monday, July 5, 2010

leave no candy behind

The 4th of July

Oh my babies are tired today and so is momma. I love holidays. I love picking out the "perfect" holiday wear...from festive 4th of July clothes to Easter Dresses and Christmas Clothes. I cannot help myself. I want to embrace the holiday and drink it in. Make it a Shout it from the roof tops kind of day every holiday!

 It took some time but after some coaching oh were we candy getting go getters.  Parade Etiquette was something we had not prepared for as I pointed out some candy on the street and Cohen said "I already got one of those" and Kadence said "done mom." 
Okay kids listen up..huddle around...
Parade Game face on.
Leave no candy behind.
There is no such thing as "too much"
There is no time for hesitation.
Trust no one.
Now get out there and make me proud!

I love tradition

I love small towns.
 (Platte Center Parade and Derby..Rising City BBQ and Fireworks sounds like a dreamy day to me)
.....and loving all those things how could I not love the 4th of July.
{I think Kadence took the "trust no one" to heart!}

Our day was not made up of much "hoop la" nor "grandeur" but it was good. AND good is great.

We may not have lots of money.

We may not have everything.

But we have family



and  Freedom.

and I think that makes us pretty darn wealthy.

When I nestled the kids in bed just shy of 1am Cohen said that every part was the best part!
Kadence couldn't tell us her favorite part, but I think it was the glow sticks!
Cohen also told me (in a very serous tone)he knew how to get Kadence to as Kadence lay on her pillow clutching about 12 glow sticks close to her chest Cohen sang her a song about derby cars until his little voice just drifted to sleep....ah yes my babies, it was a glorious day.
If you were to ask....that bedtime moment was my favorite part! 

Which brings us to today, after the big bangs and ohhs and ahhhs, in true holiday fashion is the "holiday let down."
A holiday tradition in it's own right.
The glow sticks have all faded and burned out.
Today is the day when the the kids are hung over from their holiday high and so is mom.
Today is the day when the laundry, dishes, toys, dirt, crumbs, shoes (why are there so many shoes) all need attended too but energy is low and demands are high.
Today is the day when naps are priority one and fun was omitted somehow!
Today is the day that never ends.
Even with the feared and anticipated holiday let down....I will bring all I got to the next holiday!

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Kim said...

Fun post and holidays are something us Sanleys do right!!!!!