Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What happened to the butterflies and rainbows of Sunday?

Overwhelmed is not even the correct description for my mind right now. Could someone please press rewind and take me back to Sunday!

I am going to just try to put all the "I need to do that tomorrow" thoughts and reminders out of my mind and on to paper (so to speak)in whatever order they shoot out in.....

*Get the pork roast out of the freezer to put in for supper tomorrow night because Mark has to work and is on nights this week. (this is important because then Mark can eat supper before he leaves at 6pm, when we walk in the door at 5:40ish. Also important because making supper is one of our more stressful times of the day and add in the chaos of Mark leaving and crock pot is really the only way to survive)
***REMEMBER to actually put it in the crock pot tomorrow (because trust me there have been a few incidents where I seem to forget this important step)

*Type the IFSP that has to be mailed no later than tomorrow.
*When I get to work remember to call the team and cancel the other meeting that was scheduled for tomorrow.
*Check on the waiver application Lynn faxed into the central office for me this morning.
* Call and follow up on the referral that left a message.
*Right away in the morning I need to remember to call and get the signature pages open and ready for the other meeting tomorrow.
***Seriously didn't I tell myself I was going to do better at that this year and not wait until the day of the meeting to get those pages open! Ugh Jennifer!

*Put in a request for vacation time to use on Thursday as the ENT can get Kadence in for an appointment in Lincoln on Thursday afternoon * yes tubes AGAIN* Maybe see if anyone else has been to this dr. as the one we used last time is on a mission trip somewhere!

*Oh yeah send out Cohen's bday invites that is really only 2 weeks away *Seriously how did that get so close already. Didn't I mean to send those a couple weeks ago?!?!
***Call and price the bowling ally for a birthday party. Every day we drive by New world Inn and cohen says "I want a swim party for my birthday and all along I have said SURE let's do it." Now if Kadence gets tubes as she should in the next couple weeks she won't be able to go swimming the week of or the week right after! So plan "Convince Cohen how fun bowling would be" commences, because he really wanted to go swimming so I doubt a party at home will cut it!

* Yes, yes I probably better do that before sending the invites, that technically should have been sent a week ago.

*When are those ballots coming for the school district merger vote?

*Oh crickies what am I going to do with the kids next week on Monday and Tuesday as I have a conference in Omaha........ugh.seriously I can't figure that out today can I?! Mark will be at work those days. Great. Is that this Monday already? really! No is it? Yup, yes it is. Okay. Hmm Omaha by 8 am...Daycare in Columbus. Mark at work. Preschool at 8:30 on Monday.....well I deal with that tomorrow I guess. Yes, yes tomorrow. Seems to me I need a plan for that one. Man why didn't I do that sooner than now?!?!?

*When will they schedule to put the tubes in? Will that be next week? How am I going to work that one into the week? How much money will we need to put up front at the hospital?? we are kind of at their mercy to schedule the surgery. What if they schedule it for a day that Mark is working? Short notice. Probably can't get it off. Then what, do it anyways, go without dad. Try scheduling for a different day. How long can we really let Kadence go with fluid and a flat tympanogram (again)?

*Do I need Valentines for the party Sunday? Great really do I? Will we have time to make anything and go for the "ahh what a great mom you are moment." Cause surely I can only be a good mom if I make really cute valentines right?! OR Buy something. Maybe. but then get the "oh you're one of those moms" moment. I don't want to be the mom that comes with a packet of fun dip, when everyone else has cute bags, with trinkets and curly ribbon. But then again, why does it matter?
***Am I the only one that feels this pressure here...(not just with Valentines) but with all the silly holidays and occasions.....I mean really do we need to "top"each other. Can't we just be moms. Maybe the unspoken competition (between moms) I created in my own head and I'm the only one stuck in the "battle" so to speak. Okay move on from that loaded thought, leave it for a topic for another date

Wow Okay what did that have to do with Valentines...I may just plug those thoughts right into the topic "tangents" An area where I seem to get in trouble! =)

*Did I tell Mark about the Bon Jovi concert? I do not recall. Yes better do that tomorrow.
***I should make a playlist of Bon Jovi music to brush up before the concert so I can really rOcK

*Oh yeah call and follow up with the peds clinic that they sent Kadence's med recs to Lincoln for her appt Thursday and call and get directions to where I am going in Lincoln (for the 2nd time this week)

*Buy diapers and maybe milk, otherwise I will be stopping again on thursday to get milk. Oh no that just reminded me that I STILL need to get Kadence's preventative antibiotics from Walgreens (yes admission of bad parenting, but I really haven't had ANY opportunity to get them...short of driving back to Columbus tonight after getting home from Grand Island or having had to drive from Lincoln to Columbus Monday night and back home. Yes excuses and yes, no gold star for me)

*Get the creative brain thinking for our web page design meeting tomorrow morning

Okay in about 10 mins I have managed to deplete all the "need to do" thoughts that are piling up in my head. I am sure they are no different than yours and really not all that special or significant, but hey this is my blog so these are my "to do's" and as I sit here finishing this up I feel much calmer than I did when I began typing this. We all have busy lives these days don't we?! It seems like there will be days or weeks that float on by, smoothly and there are weeks like these that come ripping in like the winds we have had lately!

So to summarize......the sun and butterflies, the magical pixies and rainbows from Sunday are so far gone today! Instead Monday started in the trenches of mud and muck and I think I am stuck for awhile.

*For those of you who would like follow up: The clothes are STILL on the little couch in the living room and notice that didn't even MAKE the to do list, neither did the sticky spot on the floor that my sock stuck to earlier or the fact that in my "tantrum" today I dumped everything out of Kadence's dresser and now everything is just shoved~crammed back~sort of~mostly~in there!! How sad is that!

So I ask again, will someone please rewind me back to Sunday?!

"Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency." ~Natalie Goldberg

*I do believe that captures the truth don't you!?*


Tiffany said...

1. Breathe
2. I bought Toy Story Valentines for Luke for the party Sunday...and I even have time to make cute ones...OVERRATED!
4. I can watch the kids Monday if need be
5. Breathe

The Preister's said...

amen :-)
I would like to tell you that you have made up the battle in your mind, but it is very much there between moms and trying to be the best at whatever is at hand. It is annoying...when will we all call it?!
you are great at your job, so I have no doubts that all of those things will get done, with a smile on your face no doubt!
good luck!

Jen said...

Thanks girls...got a bit teary reading your comments! You don't even want to know about the "wobbly Tire" incident driving in Columbus today! SERIOUSLY!!!! TODAY! COME ON!
What else?!


Tomorrow's another day, it is an adventure that's for sure!