Saturday, February 6, 2010


Sometimes pieces of my life fit together with a message that is screaming. A voice within is saying "are you listening? Are you ready?" I don't always know what I am listening for and honestly I am not always ready. That being said. Yesterday was one of those days....I was listening, but I am still not sure what I am ready for.

I came across a blog yesterday that touched the deepest shadows of my heart and within that blog was where I "stole" my title....we come with beautiful secrets.

I recently had a conversation with someone, who choose to share one of her "secrets" and in return I was compelled to share a piece of mine. Among the clatter of plates and forks, of "do you want a refill?", of laughter and conversation, secrets were unleashed.

Secrets that are similar yet very different. Why do we hide all these secrets? Do we all have secrets? If we all have secrets, why do we pretend we don't? Would it be so bad to say hey this is who I am. This is where I have been. This makes Why do we carry so much alone. Am I the only one who has secrets? Am the only one who has a story. Surely not. It may not be a story worth money. It is not a story all that unique from someone elses. But it is mine. My story. Why do we think we are the only ones with secrets?

It all comes together. Who we are. Why we are where we are. The secrets that make

So then I look around at others........friends, family, coworkers. As we laugh, as we cry, as we chat, as we share, I wonder. I wonder more today than I did yesterday. What secrets do you have? What do you carry alone? Why is it so hard to completely open my heart and soul to the world? Why do I hold back? Why do we as people? If I shared mine, would you?

The true secret in all this is not mine. The secret is what could I really offer this world, what could I give to all of you if I gave it all? The secret is so much bigger......than you and me.

"We come with purposes written on our hearts, written on our souls"

We come with purpose. Yes. I so desperately want to know my purpose. Is it yet to come? Has it been accomplished? Will it forever be a beautiful secret? What kind of person does it make me if I don't want it to be a secret. I want to know my purpose. I don't want secrets.

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