Monday, February 15, 2010

Out of body Experience =)

"It's not whether you really cry, it's whether the audience thinks you are crying"~ Ingrid Bergman

Okay did that just happen?

Yes the school board ended up in a tie vote and it is moving to a "straw" vote of the public, okay I am thinking did that just happen about that too........but what I am really addressing is.....DID I just start crying while I was addressing the school board?!?!?!?
Was that me? I'm not a crier! AND in public?! By God I better go get my hormones checked, what is going here?! I had no intention of speaking to the board tonight. None. They know how I feel. I've said my piece the last six months, also summed up in a letter mailed last week.....but the draw and the temptation to speak was so strong, as they went down the line and each person would stand and say their "thoughts."
So I got SUCKED in.....sucked in to speaking and then there were tears. *sigh*

"I heard the teardrop hit my pillow before I even knew I was crying."~Amborella Oltre


Rachelle said...

I am out of the loop...what it all the voting about?

Jen said...

Rising School is closing...Next year will be the last year. School board was to make their decision if RC would merge with Shelby or David last night...but it ended..dead locked.

Kim said...

You are so strong jennifer and this is a sad moment for all and scary for the town!!