Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We're even

 I do believe that Kadence got "even" for me neglecting to get the flu shots.
As I was signing us into the doctor's office, with a very full waiting room,
she puked, down my shirt,
dripping down my pants...

We hustled to the bathroom and I thought she was done
and then
she puked
curdled milk all over the bathroom floor.
You know for certain you are a mom when you can wipe puke off your child, your shirt and pants with a not absorbent bathroom paper towel.
Then proceed to not think twice and just wipe that puke right off the bathroom floor with a few more not absorbent paper towels!
Wash hands
Take a deep breath
Step back out into the crowded waiting room
Head held high thinking maybe I was lighting speed fast and no one noticed
and then I see it...
The pile of vomit on the rug in front of the check in spot.
I am just wondering did no one go up to the lady at the desk and say hey some girl just puked on the floor...
So I walk up to the desk and explain
and ta daaa
we get a room right away.
That is the one perk of having vomit on your shirt!

After a hefty dose of mom guilt
a side of tamiflu
and Clorox,
we are hoping to rid our house of influenza A.
I walked by the kitchen counter yesterday and thought to myself now I could not have posed that any better if I had been trying! Classic!

Yesterday Kadence was so lethargic.
She and I pretty much either sat in the chair or laid on the couch all day.
{She felt miserable but it was kind of nice to snuggle for a while with such a usually busy little girl}
She took a long nap in the afternoon and when she woke up she said "cereal" "open ye-son {season}"
 I kept asking her "Kadence do you want to go rock with mommy?" and she would shake her head no.

"Kadence do you want mommy to turn Open Season on in the living room?  Shake her head "no"

I did shortly convince her to come rock with mommy. She was so wiped out yesterday.
The pictures just don't even do it justice, but I felt mean if I snapped anymore.
She felt horrible!

We fought a fever all night101 to 102.5 give or take.

Then she wakes up this morning asking to play playdough
and she looks more like this:

I am not sure what was in the tamiflu but I am a walking free advertisement. 
She is very congested but the fever seems to be gone
{for now, I hate to jinx it!}
I have no idea how a child can go from the first pictures to this in about 12 hours but I will so take it
and I will be thankful!
{in fact I thought she was sleeping but I think I hear noise coming from her room....yup she's back!}
Here's hoping that it stays up hill from here!

Lets see that again....12 hours difference between this pictures!!  CRAZY


Kelsey said...

Poor KK!! Glad she is feeling better!! Hang in there!!

The Preister's said...

she looks like a million bucks today! I hope that helps your heart too!! <3

Kim said...

The girls cracks me up!!! Glad to see she is feeling better :)