Sunday, February 13, 2011

And so it goes

Hypochondriac mom is coming out in full force!

We have had our fair share of sickness just recently
and we joked about not going to urgent care again this weekend......

This weekend has been great!

I promised myself to not get all caught up in the house "stuff" and to just go with the flow, which requires some self talk but so far I have pulled off a nice balance {in my mind anyways}

we have had some very nice family time together.
We've played outside, went to a basketball game and even went bowling!
This morning was just like the icing on the cake as the kids climbed in bed with us at about 8 {amazing}
and we laid around in there until after 9{again amazing!} It was story book people...
 I was thinking to myself what a wonderful weekend....and then...

Hmm "Does Kadence feel warm to you??!" Comes out of my mouth! She is still on antibiotics for the strep throat, so I try to convince myself that she does not feel warm.....then a phone call from someone who Kadence would have seen this week, that states their kid has influenza A. {There are a lot of cases around right now not just them}

Insert here: I had influenza A in college. It was horrible and awful and miserable and I would not wish it on anyone. Ever since then I have always gotten a flu shot! My kids have always gotten flu shots...until this year. This fall/early winter was uber busy and somehow I just didn't find the time.

 So after the above phone call I feel Kadence again and I am thinking yeah maybe a little warm. Yes sure enough 99.9 and I lay her down for a nap and she falls asleep! (SHE FALLS ASLEEP!! oh no! I mean yes I realize I was laying her down for a nap so falling asleep is what is suppose to happen but she usually fights sleeping like a mad woman! and she just fell asleep....sigh)

SO now she sleeps and I sit her stewing on why she would have a low grade temp, as she is still taking antibiotics twice a day...
so hypochondriac mom has already diagnosed her with Influenza A and really wants to call the on call doctor! 
Self talking right now......

she said she was feeding her fishys!

Here's to hoping for the best and expecting the worse....that's where I am now! OH MAN!!!!

Ironic that my post from Friday is about mom guilt 'cause guess what is going to kick in full force if Kadence gets influenza A because I was "soooo busy"{sarcastic tone} and put work ahead of my children's health!

and so it we wait.


The Preister's said...

dont guilt yourself over the flu shot!! I know two moms who got the flu shots and their kids STILL got Influenza A in the past two weeks. :(

we do the best we can, and you know what....we always find a way to do MORE than the best we think we can do!!

keep up the good work, mom ;-)

Kim said...

Jennifer now stop it!!!!! They are kids and going to catch a bad bug and we can't stop that even with shots. Take this time and cuddle and rock in the chair and rub her little fingers!!!