Sunday, February 20, 2011

From one to the next

I finally got Kadence's photo album done just in time to start Cohen's!

Cohen and I were laying in bed discussing his birthday when we decided to make a list together of things he might be interested in for his birthday. It was too innocent and marvelous to not share:
{In his words and the order we wrote them together.}
#1 a new battery for my 4 wheeler
#2 an alarm clock so I know when to get up
#3 maybe a coocoo clock so I always know what time it is
#4 a light bulb for my bedroom, I noticed it is not as bright as sometimes
#5 some new shades for my windows because sometimes light gets in my eyes when I'm sleeping.
#6 a monkey backpack, like those ones with the leash, so I could be like your dog.
#7 this wheel trailer thing I could use by my bed. It's at O Reilly's umm you can't see it from your car but its right by the door when you go in.  Oh yeah and I think that O Reilly's has lots of batteries that might go in my 4wheeler because I saw them there
#8 Big Monster Truck
#9 DSI
#10 little hotwheel car
#11 Super Mario for my Wii
#12 sunglasses because my other ones got broken
and maybe the last number would be that we could just always stay together.

Man I love that kid.


The Preister's said...

that is a precious list, you need to keep that one for sure!!

love the song "how long do you want to be loved" that is playing...I sang that song to Charli everyday when she was a baby!!! thanks for bringing back those memories for me!! ;-) love the song!

Kim said...

Love the list and now I know what to get. A big gift card to O Reilly's!

Meg said...

That is hilarious! Only a child of Mark's would want to shop at O'Reilly's for his birthday! Super cute scrap book too!