Thursday, March 3, 2011

shakin hands with the clock

I've been pondering how "Busy" I am and how I am always in a "hurry." 
It's like the message is being sent strong and clear this week.

Yesterday the song {currently playing}pops on the radio...I'm in a hurry and don't know true.
So true.
I'm in a hurry even when there is no hurry. Chop chop

Then this afternoon I speak to friend about a message at a funeral about slowing down and being present with our kids. Stop the rush.

Then on the way home tonight somehow I land on a Christan talk radio and the topic. "Slowing down and being present in what you are doing."

Okay I got the message God.....loud and clear.

Goal for the weekend:


We'll see how it goes! It's kinda a busy weekend ; )

Now I would type more but I need to hurry up and wash the dishes and pick up a little before bedtime! 
Busy day tomorrow......(this may be a process! BUT I got the message!)
Is there a hurry-er annonymous?!


Kim said...

Just like HURRY UP AND EAT because the kids won't sit long. Hurry up is hard wired into our brains!!

Kelsey said...

Dont do the dishes just relax i will do them tomorrow :)

Rachelle said...

I know what you mean Jen. There is always something to be done, somewhere to go, someone who needs something. It doesn't get better when the kids get older either - only busier. But I am leaving dishes in the sink tonight! ;)

The Preister's said...

I agree with leaving some chores until tomorrow to make time to play today! However, I do not think that our "hurry gene is always a bad thing! Because, it is that SAME hurry gene that makes us buzz through housework to have time with the kids, to rush through wal-mart to make it home to help dad, etc. now, hurry up and get to work :-)

Meg said...

James was out of town last week and I thought the week would be a DISASTER....I made an effort to not get caught up in the "hurry, or I'll be late to work" fit that I typically am in every single morning. It was the smoothest that my morning routine has been in a really long time. Work will get done regardless of whether I arrive at 8 or 8:05. Why do I rip and roar at my kids for making me 5 minutes late?

Deep breathing and a calming mantra help too!