Tuesday, March 22, 2011

day 1

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. ~Author Unknown

This evening marks day 1: week 1.

Run for 60 seconds

Walk for 90 seconds.

Alternating for 20 mins.

I said to myself and others...that seems easy enough!

Day 1:

{Against my better judgement, but optimistic that 60 secs every 90 secs wasn't too bad, I was pushing a stroller with a 30lbs. kid in it and trying to answer Cohen's 100 ?'s while gasping for my last breath!}

Yes, that was "easy enough"
in that lung burning, heart exploding, pain shooting,
feet moving so slow you swear you could walk faster than your jogging, kind of way!


The Preister's said...

rockstar!!! It is hard to do those things after you get home - big kudos to you!!! day 2 aint got nothing on you! ;-)

Kim said...

Good job jennifer!!!!!

Meg said...

Woo Hoo, you go girl!