Sunday, March 13, 2011

You have to eat it!

Our day.

Cohen's and mine.

Once again our birthdays have come and gone.

Where did 6 years go?

It seems like every day he grows a little bit more.

Cohen originally had his camo on for his party but baseball sign up was the same weekend as the party and did you know you get your uniform at sign up?!  Did you also know that little boys cannot resist the temptation of a baseball uniform?!

This year we celebrated for 2 weekends.

One for the party {To ensure Grandpa his best bud could come, as he had surgery last Tuesday}

and one for a night out on the town.

At the last minute we called his "best friend" from school and ask him to go bowling with us.
What a hoot that was.....

and what a glimpse this provided into our near future!!  Yikes!

I have not heard so much chatter about burps, farts, boogers and poop my whole life!

It was 100% boy!
There was jumping, sliding

and laughing...lots of laughing!

and in true younger sibling fashion
Kadence had to be right in the mix of everything,
not to be left behind...just another glimpse at days to come!
{again yikes!}
and thanks to this her new phrase is poopy butthead which landed her in timeout today!

 I think all the events {and putting together Cohen's snack for school tomorrow} has worn me out so I have not the right words to honor him and his day. I am postponing his tribute......

but for now I leave you with this;  Please tell me........
How many of you remember putting your thumb on your forehead if someone burps and your thumb on your chin if someone farts and the last one to do it has to eat it?! 
Yeah it was that kind of weekend!


The Preister's said...

omg jen, sounds like you had a fun weekend!! I am so glad I have friends with older kids so I get a warning for these types of days to come! ;-)

I don't think I ever did the thumb thing, but I remember the boys in our class doing it!! Did they do this already this weekend...or did you teach them?!!

great pictures - as always. can't wait to hear about your school treat!

Kim said...

He was such an excited little boy!!! I so remember the thumb thing.