Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gentlemen choose your weapon

In every marriage more than a week old, there are grounds for divorce. The trick is to find, and continue to find, grounds for marriage. ~Robert Anderson, Solitaire & Double Solitaire

The proverbial argument has emerged again. That "one" that seems to always come back around. This marital "disagreement" at my house ended up as the lunch topic of conversation at work today.
Now I have an outstanding hodge podge of co workers varying along the spectrum from one that is very similar to me and gives me the "hell ya's" and "oh no he didn'ts" just at the right times to one that has the "fairytale" love even after 20 years of marriage, who provides the "now Jennifer, its all in how you look at it. Men's brains are very different and the sooner you accept that the happier you will be's."

The interesting part of today's conversation is our newest coworker who is from India. I wonder tonight his impression of our discussion at lunch today! He was sharing later about marriage in India and in a few years he will return home to an arranged marriage!  Yes after today I am SURE he won't be desiring to marry an American girl! *insert smile here

This conversation with him got us talking at work today about how different life would be for each of us. Who would our parent's have picked for us?  Could you imagine being told "well here ya go. This is your husband. Hope you like him!"  Oh course we had to ask the poor fella that one and our coworker's response to that question was "I trust my parents. they have known me for 29 years and they will pick the right person.  There will not be "love" love at first but marriage is different there. You do not work on your marriage alone you have the support and love of two families whose role is to support and grow your marriage with you."  Isn't that interesting!?

I wanted to ask more about if women were "submissive" there but after the earlier conversation figured I better wait to hear the answer on that one!!! Since he was the sole male in the conversation with 5 women!

So who would your parents have picked? Would they have been "right?" Seems like an intersting topic for conversation on Mother's day! Get to thinking mom!  

Here is the recommended area I can work on (per the Indian and the "fairytale love" coworker *smile)

"Often the difference between a successful marriage and a mediocre one consists of leaving about three or four things a day unsaid." ~Harlan Miller

As I am a bit more like this:

"The man who never in his life

Has washed the dishes with his wife

Or polished up the silver plate -

He still is largely celibate."       ~Christopher Morley, Washing the Dishes

Ahh to see what tomorrow brings! Just so you know the dishes "stand off" lasted two days and I was victorious! *see now I would be getting a high five from a few coworkers and an insightful lecture from a few others for that thought/comment! *


The Preister's said...

oh man! That would be hard, because as a parent, no one is ever good enough!!

Marriage is such an interesting animal isn't! :)

Kim said...

Marriage hmmmmmm....... very interesting topic and you know where I stand. I did get two great girls from it :)