Tuesday, April 27, 2010

cougar like moves~Stealthy

The following is a "mom moment" that cracks me up every time it happens BECAUSE every time I really BELIEVE that I can pull it off!!

I put the kids to bed. Kadence goes to bed in her bed. Cohen falls asleep in my bed. (They share a room) Once Kadence is asleep and I am ready to go to bed myself,  I usually pick Cohen up and do the transfer. I realize someday I am going to have to put them in there together. Oh well not today.

So it goes like this......
I think to myself "haven't heard anything for awhile, maybe it's safe."

Step one is always navigate the quietest path to the bedroom door. I know exactly where to place my feet to avoid the creaks that shoot Kadence straight up in bed to say "mommmmmy" which of course starts the whole bedtime process all over again.

Tonight I make my way to the door. Nothing. This is good. Very good. Slowly ever so slowly open the door. Wait. Wait for it..... whew okay. Nothing. No movement.

At this point I get cocky thinking yes, okay, she's asleep. Time to move. You know as well as I do that a mom cannot just know if their child is sleeping you of course have to see how they are sleeping, so you move in for a closer peek. You as well as I should know better. Never move in closer....but I do anyways. Everytime I think, why didn't I leave well enough alone...but I have to know: Is her face covered with a blanket? Does she have covers? Is she close to the edge? Etc etc etc....

Back to tonight....I slowly, delicately pick up the blanket to cover her up. I am literally holding my breath. Easy. Easy... and she shoots up in bed and I DROP flat to the floor with (what I think are) cougar like moves.
Maybe she didn't see me.
Don't move.
 Lay still.
Don't breath.
 Surely she'll just lay down and go right back to sleep.
I am thinking so hard about not moving that I am concerned about even turning my head to look back up at the bed.
As I slowly ever so quietly turn my head upward, Kadence is laying on her tummy just staring down at me on the floor. Probably thinking "What the hell is my mom doing?!" 

Cracks me up every time BUT sometimes those cougar like moves work and I will now openly admit that there have been nights that I actually crawled out of the room for fear that if I stand up someone will wake again! Those few times when I do pull off the drop and crawl...when I hit the hallway I feel all victorious, complete with my very own adrenaline rush!

I am still chuckling over here and it's not like it's the first time I've been Busted!

There was never a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him to sleep. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Mom said...

I am still laughing as I so remember those cougar crawls.

Kim said...

Wow, mom posted a comment! I can see Kadence's BIG blue eyes staring at you :)

Rachelle said...

Thanks for the laughs Jen. Been there done that too! I can just see you looking up from the floor to see Kadence looking at you. Too funny! Hey - whatever works to get them to sleep and stay asleep is the best thing! Lots of times Emma stays on the living room floor and Abbie in my chair - wherever they land!