Thursday, April 15, 2010

rewriting the handbook

I am sure it is a great mistake always to know enough to go in when it rains. One may keep snug and dry by such knowledge, but one misses a world of loveliness. ~Adeline Knapp

This was kindergarten round up week. Kindergarten Round up was Wednesday. *Sigh* Tuesday night was a very late night.

Well the last few days have definitely been full of the literal sense as well as the abstract.

When we got home Tuesday night Cohen was running a fever. I looked in his mouth and holy tonsils. As a reminder he had strep throat 2 weeks ago and ever so bravely got a shot! As the minutes ticked by he started to talk more and more using the sore throat voice. You know the one right!? So some, probably my mom included, would say I made a rash decision and packed the lil fella in the tahoe and at 8pm at night drove him to linc care in Lincoln.

*Mark was working nights so I was flying solo on this one! God Bless all those single parents out there that do it on their own every day! You deserve a special gold star award!

The doctor said it was the worse throat he's ever seen. Kid never complained once about feeling bad! Really!? The few times I have had strep it hurt so bad I wasn't even swallowing my own spit! * Is that too much information??

After a bit of a wait at Walgreens Pharmacy, 10pm, we were on our way back home. I so smartly put him in Kadence's carseat (adjusted the straps) so he wouldn't head bob all the way home.

The night was complete with me standing outside at midnight, in 50mph winds, with a flashlight wedged between my knees, aiming the hose at just the right angle to spray the chunks out of Kadence's car seat and yet manage to dodge the backspray. Vomit had managed to seep into any crook cranny crevasse and inside workings of that car seat.
He's a pucker I should have been ready for that.

The two of us were quite a pair that night. One poor friend got quite the late night rantings email from me. It was a sad night! Complete with not all good honest wholesome mom decisions!
*for the whole story you may just have to call*


So we remain home today. Yes home for a sick day. Again.

Sick or not sick Cohen is resilient.
He does not complain.
He does not whimper.
and he begged to play in the rain..........and after a night like Tuesday.

How could I say anything but Let's do it!

Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain. ~Author Unknown

Both my babies are napping after our little escapades and I know that my mom will have a heart attack that I let Cohen splash in the puddles and rain on a sick day, but whose to say that a glimmer of happiness and fun won't wash those sickie germs away!

I chucked the "good parenting" hand book out a few years ago!

We are writing our own!


Paige said...

LOVE it!

Rachelle said...

Awwww sorry Cohen was sick again. Hope he is feeling better! I don't blame you for letting them play in the rain - looks like they had a lot of fun!

The Preister's said...

for sure...rain washes all that bad stuff away, inside and out!!

Kim said...

Love the rain pictures!!!!!!