Saturday, May 22, 2010

Take yourself by surprise

"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read and all the friends I want to see." ~John Burroughs

I am a planner.
I like to know what we are doing, where we are going. I spend countless energy on analyzing and contemplating the best time to leave to correlate nap time, meal time, drive time, crowd time, bed time(you get the point). The pros the cons the goods the bads....I am a planner. I like routine. I like predictability.

I like to think that I am more spontaneous than I really am, but when it boils down to it. I am really not spontaneous at all.

This weekend I have thrown caution to the wind (so to speak).
Friday, a friend (seems weird to say friend because she really is so much more than that) who lives a long ways away, called and was in the area for a work meeting.  She had a long lunch break so we decided to meet in Schuyler (half way for both of us), eat a late lunch, catch up a little bit, and go again our separate ways.

At 12:30pm we meet in front of Burrito House. 
At 12:40 we are eating one of the best burritos we've ever had!
At 1:20 the conversation was really getting started.
At 2:15 we had moved on to kids....oh the kids.
At 3:00 the conversation was back to the glory days (college)
At 3:50 we finally realized what time it was and that we had now been sitting in the burrito house for 3 1/2 hours.

She missed her afternoon session at her work conference. I missed, well, the rest of my work day!

As I was driving back I thought to myself "that was so uncharacteristic", so unplanned, so FUN! I should do this more! So many times I am confined by the clock! Not Friday!
*ask my husband as he had worked the night before and I was suppose to call and wake him up at 12:30, but in all the excitement of Megan and the Burrito house I didn't realize I hadn't called him until, yup, 3:50 when I looked at the clock!  WHOOPS!

Somehow that has set the tone for the weekend so far. We took the kids to the car races, both kids. My "normal" self would have sent Mark and Cohen because~Kadence won't sit. It's too loud. It's too late. It doesn't start until 8pm. That's already BEDTIME ~gasp heaven forbid~
She had a GREAT time and she left the head set (ear plugs) on her ears for practically the entire night. I put her to bed at 11pm!  That's huge for me! That is so out of routine! AND guess what...the world didn't stop spinning!

Today was the whammy I must say!  I had "planned" that we  would hang out at home, be outside all day, play in the sprinkler, ride bikes, etc.  Well the wind was horrible and I could see from the get go that the "plan" for today was nixed.

I knew Kadence would take a long nap, so I decided to head to Omaha at nap time, just for a QUICK shopping trip and be home in time for supper! I am not sure I have ever just decided, hey I am going to run to Omaha in like an hour, just because!

 About that time Cohen's cousin called and said "come play" and ta daaaaaaaaa.........FREE AFTERNOON for mommy and I DIDN'T PLAN IT!!!!!!!!! Holy crap is this really happening!

There is so much excitement when you come around the corner and THE MALL!!!! Ahhhh it is like a little adrenaline rush!  Man I scored some great deals~GAP had buy one shirt get the 2nd FREE!~

I stayed (sort of ) focused and was home in time for supper!
It was perfect. A shopping trip alone (which I enjoy sometimes!), some great deals, and I didn't really have to trade off missing time with my kids because Kadence slept most of it and Cohen was so excited to be playing with Taylin he would not have known if I WAS there!

I had no idea that things could go so well with NO planning, fly by the seat of your pants, type of days! The weekend has been completely against the grain, unplanned, uncharacteristic and Look I am still Alive! YAY!

“Spontaneity is the quality of being able to do something just because you feel like it at the moment, of trusting your instincts, of taking yourself by surprise and snatching from the clutches of your well-organized routine, a bit of unscheduled pleasure”

The Crazies must have rubbed off on the kids and our night looked a little like this:
*disclaimer I did not choose the outfit

Yes! Crazy, fun, unpredictable life is good!


The Preister's said...

I understand the "schedule"...I am the same way! And, like you, love when these little suprises pop up! Glad to see you had so much fun, and love your necklace!!!

Kim said...

Good Job Jennifer!!!!!