Monday, May 28, 2012

Deposit please

This weekend was a delicate dance between the usual

and the extraordinary.

Time was spent sleeping in,
Exploring outside,

hanging out.

The sun was shining so we seized the opportunity to call over some friends and
dust off the car wash from last year.

It is during these moments that childhood memories are built.

Maybe not memories of the specifics, who was there, what we ate, what days it was,
but more innate memories of the sun shining, the smell of the water
and the grass, that someday in the future when my kids are
all grown and they step outside on a late spring day and the
sun is shining and they catch the smell of grass in the breeze and
a smile drifts across their face as those innate memories
take over of unbridled happiness.

It only seemed fitting to toss in a balloon fight to kick off

Although I am not sure who was more into it the "big people" or the "little people"

I was experiencing a little but of holiday blues (aka it's a holiday we need plans!Stay home! Gasp!) So on a whim today we drove to the river and just let the kids frolic

It was a bit of an adventure for all of us,

but it panned out to be a good time

for all of us

(well maybe most of us:
joy doesn't just happen you have to decide to find it Mark! )

No it was not an exotic location.

No it was not expensive.

No it was not perfect.

Nothing ever is or will be....

but I don't want to choose those moments to define me

or us

They saw this as an adventure
They saw this as exotic.
They experienced this with joy and happiness
and those are the moments I want to define us.
 I like to think we made a deposit in their childhood memory bank

and that.........

that will allow me to drift off to sleep tonight

with a sense of a parenting job well done.

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