Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Day May Day (appropriate dual meaning this month)

So much has been going on lately I have not taken time to reflect on it all.
Well, in fact, I don't plan on doing much reflecting tonight either.
I am sitting amongst scattered toys, a few strays kernels of popcorn, unwashed supper dishes and mounds of laundry (mental note: Do not skip doing laundry one weekend it really sets you back)
It's to the point now that I am not sure where to start, so I don't.
I may need an intervention.
Just sayin'.

I must take a moment to give May day its Adieu

Cohen did state it is his favorite holiday

Our favorite part of May Day is the drop and run!

This year we had a few scuffles over who gets to ring the door bell.
Cohen was "lecturing" Kadence on the proper placement of the basket

We got caught twice and once was totally my fault for peeking around the corner!

Whoops! I wonder if they will want to leave me at home next year!

Next year we plan to make err buy, buy more May Day baskets because this year we did a few more house of some "retired" neighbors and they were so much fun. We have always kind of targeted houses with kids but this year we did several homes whose kids are grown and gone and oh the fun! They are moving to the top of our list next year!

 We even scored some scotcharoos out of the deal! Not bad I tell ya! Not bad!

Thank you May Day for being a great day!

Today was Kadence's dance recital at daycare.

 She just takes a dance class that is offered within the daycare,which works great for us!
She, of course, did outstanding, but I am her mom!

The best part.... the instructor is a fluent signer and for each recital the kids will sign the last song. At Christmas they signed the song Believe. Today they signed the entire Stars Bangled Banner.  It was amazing, heart warming, and cool. (Man there has got to be a more descriptive word than cool! Really?! I'm tired apparently!)  Here are some pictures of them signing...here the words in your head...

Each day learn something new, and just as important, relearn something old. ~Robert Brault

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