Saturday, May 12, 2012


Reflecting on Mother's Day.

Although I am holiday loving freak...this one ranks toward the bottom. *GASP* I know! 
Funny though as I have talked to several different moms over the last
2 days and they all agree. We would all prefer to skip it. WHY?  
Well let's see shall we......
No hoop-la.
No drop and run baskets.
No paid day off from work.
No husband can ever really measure up to the great rewarding ideas we dream up in our own minds!
Just admitin'

Just another day like any other really (Dishes are still there, Laundry still needs put away, owies still need kissed, fights still need broken up).

Today was a one of those, shall we say, "rough days." I may have used more vulgar terms when
discussing the day with some friends.

It funny, a little sad, irrational, immature, and yet hopeful all at the same time.....but
Mark is working nights this weekend, which means he gets home about 7:30 in the morning, sleeps until 3-4 and leaves at 6 to go back to work. Today, the kids and I ran to some graduation parties so we saw him for about 5 minutes before he want to sleep and that is it. Tomorrow will look the same way since we have a birthday party to attend tomorrow evening. Every girls dream to single parent every other weekend right?! (yes I know it pays the bills..thank you logical thinkers! *dripping with sarcasm) We have been married 10 years, thoughtful, fun, thankful surprises are rare and that's being optimistic. ......which brings us to  the "funny" part.......I am almost embarrassed to admit it but there is an inner me that will still go to bed tonight with a glimmer of hope that when I wake up tomorrow morning, for just one morning, the moment will come when all the time, work, multitasking, worrying, running, doing, will be seen and appreciated.  (I could insert all the other cliche things that mom's say on days like this...oh just spending a day with these Angels is thanks enough or my all time favorite I don't need thanks, I see their love in their smiles and that is thanks enough) Really people,lets be honest and  save your crap for someone else! Who doesn't need a full out thank you sometimes! *smile What does that mean? What does that look like? I have no idea. *sigh  Which is completely why it is never "right" because I can't even define "it!"  Surely I am not the only one ?right?!

In the end isn't that what we all want. The cards, the presents, they're nice don't get me wrong, but deep down we all need to feel appreciated. Valued. It's too easy to lose track of those needs in the day to day living.  It is those things we mom's want the most, and those are the hardest to provide, which is why I think so many mom's say.........let's just skip it.

Being a mom is a commitment to put someone ahead of yourself and your needs, every day for...well pretty much the rest of your life.   Talk about commitment.

So to all you moms out there.
Thank you for always giving of yourself,
for continuing to give even when it seems like you have nothing left.
Thank you for managing day to day schedules with ease,
Thank you for putting your needs aside sometimes, to meet the needs of your children and family.
Thank you for getting up again tomorrow and saying today we start again.
Today I will do better,
Be better.
I value each of you. I respect each of you. I am amazed by each of you.

Happy Mother's Day.
You have every ounce of my appreciation!

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