Saturday, June 30, 2012

stopping the madness

The last two days I finally got the reminder my life was beggin for.....
It's the little things....remember?!

Life has been such a whirlwind the last month or so!

It is so easy for life to take over and lead you,
instead of you leading your life.

It is so easy to expend all my energy on the "bigger" issues
that when it comes time to give my energy to the "little" things
I have nothing left.

Thus the gentle reminder life sent for me this weekend.
Slow down.
Give your energy to the little things,
the "big" things can and always will wait.

Talking with a friend today about the "er" syndrome got me thinking...
We, or at least I, spend too much time
wishing, ploting, striving, thinking, working toward
being faster, better, smarter, skinnier, richer, wishing for bigger, better, newer...
and the list goes on.

Sometimes you have to stop the madness

and find the beauty in what you have and who you are.

We made a "new" sprinkler this summer

and I must admit

we Love it!

PVC pipe where have you been all my life?!

I am seriously considering getting my own pair of PVC pipe cutors,
did you know they have those?


Stop the madness.

You hear me.

Stop the "er" ing in your life

and find the beauty in what you have

and who you are.