Sunday, October 2, 2011


If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it.  ~Toni Morrison

Sometimes I am reminded at how quickly time passes by,

which means I am again reminded at how quickly my kids will grow up.

I like to plan. I am a planner. Spontaneous is good in theory but hard for me to follow thru on.

Lately it seemed that everyday life, responsibilities, to do lists; seemed to be dominating

over the need to capitalize on their childhoods before they vanish.

Spontaneously I took the day off Friday, as Cohen did not have school,

and Thursday night we made a  rather quick trip to CoCo Keys in Omaha

just to swim and come back home!

The kids had a great time
and it was almost more fun for me
to see their surprised little faces when we told them!

Everyday I am reminded about how harsh reality can be.

How brutal life can be.

How many times we try only to fail and try again....

There will always be another "race" to run

another benchmark to acheive

another report due

There will always be more to do...

more that we should've done...

It is so rewarding to shut out all of that for a few moments

and just be.




To stop and really be present.

The world and its realities will always be out there waiting for us.....
but sometimes we just have to tell the world to wait for awhile.

We have to survive the realities of life
this is true...
but we don't have to surrender to them!

 I was driving into town today after some farming ride alongs...and this captured my attention.
It is "just" town..I know...
but there was something so calming and safe about it.
Then I realized....
It's home.

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