Sunday, October 30, 2011

deposit please

We do not remember days; we remember moments.  ~Cesare Pavese

Sometimes I like to think that the stars align just perfectly which results in a moment (or a day) that was just "suppose" to be. Like before the creation of the universe someone up above knew on this date exactly what was going to happen.

We have created a little incentive program for Cohen to keep his motivation. The incentives that he is working toward were decided upon by him *bowling, ice cream, swimming at the aquatic center and just a day with mom* When he got to arrange the order of said incentives he put *day with mom* first.  Last week he earned his first incentive, to which I had no idea what we were going to do.

Several ideas were tossed around but nothing really "fit."  We talked about boo at the zoo and on Sunday I even said too bad I couldn't get tickets to take him to a Husker Football game!
That would be awesome and Mark replied "where would you get tickets now and how much would you have to pay for them at this point?!" and I thought "yeah he's right." 

That takes me to Thursday when I see a post on Facebook {from Wednesday already} about someone whose co-worker had tickets to sell. It was long shot since it had been posted for awhile but I sent a message and the tickets were still avaliable and for face value,what are the odds of this! Rare, but we'll take them. On a spontaneous whim I said "YES!"

Bright and early Cohen and I ventured out to Lincoln! 

He was in awe
  {well so was I, I got us there and parked on my own! AMAZING! *SMILE} 

We had a great time before the game!

Grandpa slipped him some cash
and he picked out a shiny new Husker football that we played catch with on the practice field!

I think if we would have gone home at this point he would have still called it a good day!

I would have loved to seen what we looked like playing catch because I was holding my camara, my clutch, his skull and cross bones balloon while trying to throw and catch the shiny (aka slippery) football!  I am positive it looked pretty comical!

I was feeling pretty good about things until
about half way through the 2nd Quarter when he says
"this is boring. I wish I stayed at Grandma's" 

I had some censored thoughts that I spared him and you!
We headed out to get a snack and a pop to kick off the 3rd quarter
and that must have been just what he needed.

We yelled when the defense was on....."AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"

and jumped up and down when they scored.

I took pictures!

Cohen took pictures!

By the time the 4th quarter rolled around Cohen said "this is the best day ever!"  

We had a blast!

Thank you Husker Football...

I like to think I just made a deposit in his memory bank that is going to saved for a life time.

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