Friday, November 4, 2011

profanity confession

I know it is immature.

I know it is inappropriate.

I know it is not professional.
{plug in any other "Mature" "wholesome" description here}

BUT sometimes when the mood strikes I derive pleasure from cursing like a sailor.

The crazy thing is no one else needs to be around.
There is no audience.

Take for instance last night:
Mark was at work and both kids were sleeping. 

The mood strikes and as I am picking up toys
I am saying to myself {not outloud even just internally}
F*&! markers.
How many D*mn markers can one person pick up?! 
Who threw that sh*! on the floor! What the H*ll is that?!
Did my f*! sock just stick to the floor?!   
I suppose I am going to have to f*! sweep and mop the floor now.
S*#t it's already 10:30. UGH
Freakin' great! Why am I the only one who notices this s*!t?! 

That really is no rationalizing it.

I do not know why I feel the need to curse to myself,
but I do.

It's almost embarrassing.

Confession over.

Moving on.

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