Saturday, October 2, 2010

sink or jump

So I have been wallowing in the doom and gloom for far too long!  I can wait for the world to change or I can jump off this sinking ship with both feet and declare that I will not go down without a fight!

I do believe it is time to climb out of the "whiny" pit! {thanks for bearing with me}

Cohen had a soccer game and totally rocked it out! He dominated! He had the first 2 goals of the game in oh about 3 minutes! Complete with a dive kick move that he thinks is sooo cool! Solidified with the "Is that your kid? He's really good." comment ..{so what if it is only 5 year olds soccer... I was desperate for an ego boost this week! You take what you can get right!?}
we're jumpin people watch out!

Tonight we decided we had better take advantage of this fall night as I just recalled that I have a fall list that I have been too "busy" to get started on! Silly me, who is too busy for a fall list!?! I had to go back and read it here..just to remember what was on it! I do believe i had better get refocused as fall is a short season!

That being said...

 We rocked it tonight

Fall is here people

....and the Calahan's are feelin' it!
Are you feelin' it yet?
Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be.  ~Grandma Moses

are you making yours?


The Preister's said...

i love all the pics but the one of the skirt on the bike just screams MEMORIES to me!! FUN DAYS!!!!!!!!
good bye pitty...hello empowered self! :-)

Rachelle said...

I have been holding a pity party lately too Jen - I keep thinking I should do more but not quite sure what it is. Will keep looking I guess. In meantime, thanks for your uplifting words - your blog is fantastic. The pictures are great - you guys do rock fall! :)