Tuesday, October 19, 2010

When in doubt, wear red.

When in doubt, wear red. ~Bill Blass

I have no voice.

Okay well I have a "voice" just not an auditory one!

That sore throat I thought I was fending off last week has reared it's ugly head this week and stolen my voice. This is frustrating for me since my job and life at home require me to speak. Ugh. Hoping it returns by tomorrow!
{still stupidly optimistic}

I made my very first pie.
I am not sure who was more excited the kids or me {but I am leaning towards me}

It was something I needed to "conquer" and I am not sure why.
Last winter I swore I would finally master gravy and after some lessons from my mom I can make roast gravy {yay}
Fun Fact: My most favorite food in the whole wide world is mashed potatoes and gravy, so it was vital I figure that out {clump free of course}

So the desire has moved to pie and I am not a huge pie lover but whatever the inner voice wants it gets.

So we made pie {crust and all}

and it turned out pretty darn good!

Okay so the whole weekend wasn't about me!
Sunday we stayed in our pj's until about 1pm maybe 2!
We have not done that forever and it was great!
I think we all needed that

We broke out dad's shaving cream and practice tested Cohen's letter sounds.
We haven't ever done the shaving creme.
 I don't know why.
I loved it at school when I was little and it's so easy!
We have definitely been missing out around here!

Even though it was fun

Cohen would still much rather be here....

 I am so dang excited about the pie baking thing I may just have to try a different one this weekend.
Any suggestions or ideas? Pie bakers out there?

Other random things:
I almost bought red shoes today.
I still might....
That thought still shocks me.
Very outside the box of the brown and black shoes that litter my closet!
I do not have a great fashion sense and have no idea what in the world I would wear them with but I am so drawn to them.
 It was like they were calling to me from their little ledge...
"Jen you need me in your life."
 I just can't shake the voices. We'll see!

so tonight I dream of pies....talking......and........RED shoes.
{Not just the little voices in my head but my literal voice that has gone missing!}
Yes truly the spice of life really!
and now I am totally craving mashed potatoes and gravy!


The Preister's said...

the pie looks great!! expert, can you teach me?!!

BUY THE SHOES! I have some hot pink ones, that are SO much fun to wear! I will wear them when I wear basic solid color on top (all black, brown, grey) or with a solid color dress, etc! Super fun and spunky!! Red would be even better!!

Kim said...

Buy the shoes!!!!! Because you are a Rockstaer :) I have become a peach pie lover so give it a try. You will like it. I have some peaches so I think I will do the samething.

Kelsey said...

I want to buy red shoes :) just haven't found any i like!!! good job of the Pie~~~