Sunday, August 22, 2010

the here and now

Kindergarten has started.

The weekend is here.

Summer is winding down, slowly but gracefully easing into fall.

The lighting has been gorgeous in the evenings. Have you noticed? There is a glimpse of fall lighting...and it has me enticed and ready to take the leap into the next season.

Although we participated in summer-like activities this evening, my heart wasn't in it.

I have made the switch and my mind is completely in love with the approaching fall!

Oh man I can close my eyes tonight and smell fall. You know the crisp fall has a smell that takes you back to football and harvest to school to memories.  This longing for the next season has of course made me start thinking about my next list! I will admit that actually writing down a list of things to do during the season was surprisingly successful and fun. It prevented us from just letting the season of summer pass us by without completely savoring all the things that make summer~summer!

Without further adieu

1. Bake pies
    *I have never made a pie!
2. Soup
    *I have such a craving for soup weather...chili, chix noodle, potato...mmm.
3. Bake Bread
4. Jump in Leaves
5. Pumpkin Patch
6. Go to Football games
7. Go to Volleyball games~Husker's would be great!
8. Halloween......oh man I am thinking Halloween already, costumes and
     *Last year we had ghost pancakes for breakfast and mummy dogs for lunch!
9. Haunted House
     *an Adult scary one!
10. Combine ride for me and the kids! Modified and upgraded to driving the combine!
11. Buy a stranger's meal

Well that looks like a good start! I feel as though I am missing some classic fall moments, so feel free to leave me some suggestions or thoughts about YOUR list for fall!

I challenge each of you to make a list of what you are going to do to savor this approaching season.
What memories are you going to create?
When you close your eyes and smell that crisp fall air what visions come back?
Go there. Do those things.
That is my challenge for each of you....
Are you living your life or waiting until "xyz" happens because  I had a moment with a parent this week that reminded me again how important it is to live the life we have now
because we never know what our future holds
and none of us want to look back and wish we had enjoyed the moments we have and now!
This is your life.
Here and Now.
Live it!

“Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.”~ William Cullen Bryant

If you are reading the lil' Comment line below and start your fall list!: (Comment under Anonymous if you don't want to be known!Heck I dont' care! Just do it!)
Can't wait to read your plans.........


Jenifer Klement said...

Sounds simple but I LOVE to crunch through dead autumn leaves...think I shall take them time this year to do this with Ella...even though I will have to manually move her little legs, she'll still get to enjoy the smell, and sensation of those crunchy,dusty leaves!

Rachel Siffring said...

So I hope you know where to come for the combine ride! Chopper might even teach you how to drive it if you ask him!

Jen said...

Okay modifying combine ride for DRIVING combine! WOO HOOOOOOOO

Jen said...

Maybe Just maybe if I can master the pie by then we could trade apple pie for combine drive =)

Kim said...

hmmm....i need a list! I'm going to sleep on it tonight and start writing in the morning :)

Tiffany said...

We're thinking the SAME thing! I told Bill that on my list of to dos this week is to decorate for fall. My absolute FAVORITE season! I remember playing outside on a crisp autumn day while my dad worked in the garage listening to Kent Pavelka call the Husker football game. Those were the days!

Rachel Siffring said...

Jen I am sure he would love that! P.S His favorite pie is Cherry!! But you know Chop i am sure he would eat anything! Ha Ha It is funny how everyone has different fall memories! I always remember riding in the grain trucks helping harvest while listening to the Huskers play on the radio! I loved it. I don't know why but i have always loved wearing shorts with sweatshirts in the cool fall too!