Friday, March 13, 2015

Life should not only be lived. It should be celebrated. Our day.

My Birthday:

As you get older, your birthday is less “WOO HOOOO” and more “yay”  
It is less “What am I going to get?” and more “look at how much I have.”  
It really is a nice break to be reminded at how “rich” we are.  

As I was sitting in my office this afternoon I was a bit overcome by all the nice gestures….it was like I was sitting in a big box of love (filled with balloons of course!) 

There are always going to be rough days, hard days, stressful days, regardless of what you do and where you are in life. The one thing that isn't guaranteed is who will be at your side during those times. I’m so privileged to work with such great and giving people.

I am so privileged to have the friends and family I do in my life

I am truly humbled and speechless.

That is no small feat when you think about it! I always have something to say! 

Cohen's Birthday:

To clarify if somehow you've missed it, Cohen and I share the same birthday!
Life has been crazy hectic busy so we kind of merged spring break, dentist appointments and birthday fun into a weekday!

Thursday we jumped into the unknown and took a couple friends to Defy Gravity (after the dentist).

It was astronomical amounts of fun! 

I am pretty sure the kids had a blast bouncing and flipping!

Cohen had friends along so I paid and jumped with Kadence. 
At one point I took a mental count. 
There were 2 other moms jumping.
That's it!
The "mom bench" fully loaded.
Standing room only.

Life is too short to sit it out on the mom bench.

I found out I can still jump, bounce on my butt and back onto my feet.
Visualize that....
You're welcome! 

I sit here reflecting on the fact that I have been a mom for 10 years now. Have I grown? Have I learned? I have so many thoughts floating around that I was starting to write out, and ironically or not, when I went back and read this: Cohen's birthday in 2010, five years ago, and I was echoing the exact same thoughts. 
The exact same questions. 
The exact same hopes.
Last night we laid in bed and talked till we fell asleep.
How I pray I've provided him the foundation he needs to fly. 

Here are the gifts that made Cohen the happiest double digit 10 year old on the planet:
Gift card to Shelby Lumber
His own drill
Spray Paint
Garden tools

Here are the gifts that made me the happiest:
Hobby Lobby gift card!
Mashed potatoes and gravy
bumpy Nerd jelly beans!
Cool necklace
most of all....hearing from my friends and family! 

I kind of think my mom's card nailed it:

Life is busy
That's why on your birthday I hope you get a moment (or more) of peace
without schedules to juggle, or places to be, or problems to solve.
And in that moment I hope you look around at 
the life you've made 
the family you love
and the friends you have
and just smile

I had my moment
in my "box of love"
(aka balloon filled office with all your well wishes)

"Life should not only be lived. It should be celebrated"
Here's to another year!

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