Sunday, August 19, 2012

How does one teach that?

The men who try to do something and fail are infinitely better
than those who try to do nothing and succeed. ~Lloyd Jones

A new school year starts tomorrow,
which makes Cohen a 2nd grader and
puts Kadence into Pre-K.

I have been reflecting on this beginning for a few weeks now or maybe...
perhaps since the last day of school.

A year older.
A year that will bring new opportunities.
Growth and learning.
Inevitably the year will also bring new challenges
Obstacles to overcome.

A year that will have its share of successes and I'm sure
its fair share of failures. Most of my contemplation lies here......

How do you teach your children the real lessons of growing up?
How do you teach them that it isn't really about succeeding or failing,
but about the effort that goes into it? 
How do you teach them that when society's clear message is you either succeed or fail?
Meet society's standards or else...
When you want more than anything for your child to "succeed"
and when it hurts more than anything to watch them "fail."

How do you teach them that failing is only a failure when you choose not to learn from it?
When society says succeed at all costs.
...and when the definition of success today is completely distorted.

In real life sometimes we win sometimes we lose.
Sometimes we succeed and sometimes we fail miserably but ultimately a successful person is someone who is willing to try,
so many times in life the fear of failure keeps us from trying.

I want to teach them to try.
To put fear of failure aside and try.

In the end not letting society drive what they should do,
but creating their own definition of success for their lives.

How does one teach that?

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Meg said...

I've been preaching to Ava a lot lately about "taking the high road", being the bigger person. My advice (though, I am no expert) when teaching your child a concept that is difficult even for most adults to grasp, use A LOT of examples!