Monday, August 1, 2011

kissed by the sun each morning

Today, as with most days, I find myself torn between two me's.

There is a part of me that is 21st Century Woman. 

I want independence.
I want to make my own decisions.
I want to work. I want to contribute.
I want to travel (which we so don't) but I have aspirations!
I want to learn. I want to grow.
I want..well I want it all and more (hence the 21st century woman thing)!

Then there is this part of me that is so 50's classic stay at home mom. 

Great apron find at tj max
I want to make homemade bread and pies.
I want to greet my kids at the door with homemade cookies and milk after school.
I want to find my sense of self and pride in maintaining a home and children.
I want my husband to be a fix it all.
I want to be taken care of.

There are times when inevitably those two sides of me clash, and I find myself longing for more.

But not lately.

Lately they live in harmony.

And life is good.

Makes me ready for fall and pie baking and bread making!

Oh I can almost smell fall...


just a little bit more summer to soak up first.

I have been blessed.
(not always perfect or happy for that matter, sometimes it's down right nasty,
but blessed all the same with the possiblities that life offers!)

Soak it up people!

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The Preister's said...

it is the BEST feeling in the world when we can mesh the two worlds...the "have it all" wife/mom/employeevolunteer/friend/"me" who can make everyone happy, including ourselves!! Those are the days which make the work and sacrifce worth it...I wouldn't want it any other way....though sometimes that can be hard to remember --> but soooo true!! <3