Monday, August 15, 2011

go with it

Ironic (or not so) that a recent post was about balance and achieving it.

This week is more of an epic fail in the balance department.

In fact just typing that made me sing "you're up then your down, you're in then your out"
I am not ready to say farewell to summer.
We did not accomplish everything that I had hoped for this summer. 
No I am just not ready…so I am being dragged into fall kicking and screaming basically.
I have attempting to remain in denial but now denial has led to meltdown!
Although there is a part of me that knows I will merge into fall with ease soon.
I so love a new season and I love fall...but I have to have my "moment" first.

I know it is not feasible to maintain balance all the time.
That is part of this life's lesson.
I can know that but at the same time when life falls out of sync, when balance is out of whack,
it sucks. *sorry couldn't think of a better word!

The week is packed with obligations that I will never succeed in meeting, with the dynamics of this week, which leaves me feeling overwhelmed and a little sad at the sacrifice.  The details are irrelevant because its not the details but the feeling that is at play right now.
As I reflect back maybe the balance is in the fact that we had a great family weekend.

It was the kind of weekend that you dream of when you are expecting that first little baby and what “family” will be like. 
It was that good.  When its that "good" life is sure to be that "bad" at times too.

It is good to remember that the highs will come with the lows....

Bring on the rain because the sun is sure to shine again soon. *fingers crossed*

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Kim said...

Holy Cow how did you know I needed a blog like that. I truely believe we are sisters because because my highs have turned to lows and we are on the same page :) Head up sister!!!!