Wednesday, June 22, 2011

slow me down

"I love you to the moon, the sun, the rainbow, to the leperchaun, and to Texas, California, Colorado, Nebraska, and back." ~Cohen Calahan

(if you like the background music you have to scroll to the bottom and click play...they changed the site so it doesn't automatically start. Major bummer. added to the already oversized to do list: find new music site! I do believe I have officially adopted the first song as my current theme song. I have a running list of theme songs in my head from different times in my life...just a weird little tid bit. Moving on...)

Time is flying by like a napkin in the summer wind!

I feel as though I have been run, run, running and have yet to settle into summer.
I have been attempting to blame it on the lack of summer weather
but I also realize (despite my denial) that it is  a .
conscious commitment.

I know that I must make the decision to slow down and relish these days with my kids.

Days when all we would need is a hose to spark laughter for hours.

It really is so simple.

Yet apparently not my natural tendency.

Sometimes I have to force myself to remember to stop and just be.

Consciously commit.

Last year I did so much better just stopping and living in the moment.
I have yet to master that this year.
It is one thing to disappoint others and yet so much worse to disappont yourself!

Between baseball and work 3 and sometimes 4 days a week we are gone from the house for 12 hours. 
I am finding this to be a bit daunting.

We did try to commit to summer this weekend and oh how we enjoyed it.

This week we are back in the whirl wind (or tornado).

More than anything I want to be a part of their lives; the here and now,
and not just on the sidelines, no I want to be an active player.
If they want to play in the water then so do I.

If they want to chase frogs, then so do I.

BUT then there is this selfish un-mom side of me that I hate to admit exists, that just wants a saturday for me.
(not laundry, not dishes, not wiping noses, and mediating disagreements)

It is quite a difficult task to please both sides of me.

A list was helpful last bear with the whining until I can hopefully regain some focus and motivation to create & start the summer list!

I have a few ideas brewing which I must say add a tinge of excitement for me just thinking about them.
1. involves some PVC pipe! Stay tuned!
2.Still shooting for more skirts
3. Finding a casual summer dress that works for me!
4. Sport the casual summer dress on a casual saturday outing
5. More fingernail polish
6. Take the kids swimming at least once a week
7. Create a master plan with the kids to  do a water balloon ambush on an unsuspecting individual!
8. Picnic with the kids
9. Make homemade ice cream

That is a start for now.
So tell me, what is on your summer list?

(partially because if you write it down you are more likely to do it
and partially because I want to steal your ideas!)


kim said...

i will start my list for u

The Preister's said...

I better not be on the recieving end of the water ballons, just sayin'!

Linda said...

me either.....because everyone knows that i do not like wet hair...

Jen said...

I summer lists?! Not one! I am disappointed I must admit!