Thursday, June 2, 2011

said "vacation"

We leave for "vacation" early tomorrow morning.

I put "vacation" in quotes because I am second guessing my choice to take a vacation with my husband and kids.

Yes I just said that out loud.

Does that make me a bad wife and mother?

Quite possibly.  ~sigh

Is it horrible to think it might be easier to stay home. Stick to the routine. Why do I hope that vacation will "slow us down" when it just adds to the never ending list of things to do?

The night has gone a bit like this...crying, tantrum, crying, toy throwing, pop spilling, did I mention the crying?!?! and then throw in the husband who announce he has nothing to wear and has no shoes to wear with said nonexistent shorts.  Apparently I not only have to think for myself and two children but my husband too! (insert slightly joking slightly not, smile here!)

I left at 7:15 this morning, worked the day, left and within 45 minutes I went to the shoe store to get Kadence some sandals, went to JC Penny to exchange Mark's shorts, breezed into HyVee for snacks for said "vacation", filled the tahoe with gas, and gathered the children from daycare (45 mins!?) If you know Columbus that can't even be legal (just sayin!?)

We went straight to baseball because Cohen had to be at the baseball field by 5 for his 5:30 game that lasted until 7:30(yay we surpassed the gone for 12 hour mark! Do we get a prize?!).

Came home (refer to above said crying, spilling crying, sleeping) Bath and put both kids to bed, pack for myself and 2 kids, pack above mentioned snacks, pack vehicle entertainment, sweep, take the trash out, pay bills on line, try on swim suit (ugh! REALLY?!  Did I ask for this said "vacation?!")

Just to top it off with said husband,
who after enjoying some popcorn and television,
informs me I should get to bed because tomorrow could be a long day.....


Paige said...

Ah, man!! ENJOY the vacation, Jen. You deserve it. ...and I love your honesty. =)

Kim said...

Try and have a great time. Remember you are creating great memories for your children. I can't imagine taking all of us kids to World's of Fun and Ocean's of Fun was a joy for mom and dad but great for us!!!! Pictures are worth a thousand words so snap away this weekend :)

The Preister's said...

Kim is right...while we remember the work and stress, the kids remember the fun and the experience. having said that, I am pretty sure we (or at least I was) better behaved for my parents than my kids are for me!! :-) lol

I am sure you will come back with great stories, great memories, and a few positives....flipper :-)