Thursday, January 27, 2011

dare to do great things

Don't let anyone steal your dream. It's your dream, not theirs. ~Dan Zadra

There is so much hurt in the world today.

There is so much pressure.
There are so many opportunities, yes, there are those too.

Maybe the world has always been this way and I've been blind to it all.
Seems if one looks around, at home, school, work, government,
whatever is happening according to the "world" it is not good enough.
There is so much pressure to perform from a young age, that it scares me.
We tell each other that it is okay.
We tell each other that no matter what happens as long as you (or your kids) do their best that is what matters.

We say it,
but we don't believe it.

We know the "world" doesn't see it that way
and we feel the fear attached to not living up to this elusive undefined standard.

As Kadence's celebration approaches this weekend,

I want to celebrate not just her 3 wonderful years of life, 

but celebrate every little spunky fiber of her being.

 I love her confidence.

I love her no fear approach to the world.

I love her attitude
 (well it is a love/hate relationship with the attitude lets be honest)

I love how she sings out songs even if she doesn't know the words.

She really is so amazing and wonderful.

I see those things in her now and I want to bottle them up so she can carry them with her through the years.
I want to capture that self confidence,
that assurance,
that drive to conquer the world and everything in it,
no matter how many times she has to try it,
unwilling to accept help because she knows inside she can do it if she just tries again.
I want those things that define her today to define her yet when she is 14 and some girls are poking fun at her or when she is 17 and some boy breaks her heart or when she is 30 something and balancing work and family.

As she blows out her candles Saturday she will be wishing for something pink I am sure....
but I will be wishing for a way ~ for her~ a girl in the world today
~full of messages of not good enough, pressures, standards, and hurt~
to bottle up those characteristics that define her today so she can rise above "the world"
and continue to believe inside that she is "good enough."

To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting. ~e.e. cummings, 1955

I brought you into this world and will do my best to help you "fight" the good "fight" my dear.
It is a big task in front of us...finding the way in this world
but I promise I will strive to provide you with the roots you need today
so that you find your wings and have the courage to dare to do great things.
Yes, there is a lot of hurt in the world today,
but I can't help believe with every fiber of my being
that it is still a wonderful place
and life is full of happiness,
sometimes you just have to be willing to see it first.
Happy 3rd Birthday!


Paige said...

Kadence is a lucky girl to have you as her mama! :)

Kim said...

WOW good post and alot of good points made.!!! See ya Saturday :)

Crystal said...

Well said Jen...someday she, too, will read this and appreciate everything you have ever done for her and love the fact that YOU are her mother and everything that she because of your love and guidance...and most of all she will thank you...maybe not to your face but in her mind and that is the reward we get for being mommys...that knowing we have done everything...given everything and we always will for the sake of our children.