Thursday, January 6, 2011

You know the feeling

I feel a bit like I'm drowning,
maybe more on the verge of drowning,
where the life raft is always just one arms length out, so close....
I teeter on the edge. 
I am conscious of the fact that when on the edge
 the only factor that impacts whether or not you kick it in the ass and grab that raft with both hands or slowly watch it fade in the distance is your {or shall I say my} very own inner self.

In an attempt to kick myself in the ass, and consider this life raft an adventure
(I mean some people pay for crazy adventure crap am I right?!)
I wasn't going to share, because who admits to having this moment but 
I must share this slightly embarrassing story because 
1. we married folk don't talk much about this
2. I was totally cracked up with myself

A few days ago I was in Wal-mart.
Normal stop.
In a hurry.
Grab a cart.
Get what you can and get out.
That sounds about like a normal trip to Walmart to me.

I met the same {kind of cute} guy in several different isles and made eye contact each time
{I don't know why. Just did. Did I imagine it...I don't know. Whatever don't kill my story here}
So by the time we passed in front of the apple juice, I got the vibe.
You know the one right?
I was like "he is totally checking me out." "Oh my God"
{Now of course I have no idea if he really was or not but whatever in my mind I was totally thinking he was. Sometimes a girl just needs to know she's still got it right? Married or not. Okay some of you are probably praying for me right now but whatever you know you've had "the moment" you just won't admit it}
 Okay so moving on.
Before I even consciously know I am doing it
I am walking a little straighter
{which when I realized that I was having a little chuckle with myself}
Low and behold we meet again at the lettuce and I was like
"Oh yeah he is SO checking me out"
I proceeded straight from the lettuce to the check out,
still walking pretty darn tall.....
when I reached in the cart I realized that my hood (that must button on my coat)
was all but hanging on by one button and was all cockeyed hanging down my one arm like some tumor and Kadence's glove was partially hanging out my pocket on the other side!

Alright so I admit I've gained some weight and by all means am not a beauty queen,
but surely he was checking me out right?
AND not because I had some growth of a hood hanging all weird down one arm, but from my stunning
I've birthed two children, womanly looks...right? 

{whatever! Like I cared anyways. I don't need some random walmart guy to check me out to feel good about myself.
yeah. What~Eva}

I was just having my own make believe moment.
{so I must know am I alone on this one?}
Was it a little immature? Sure
A little inappropriate? Sure
Was it real? Who cares
It has made me smile for 3 days now.
Just the fact that I noticed I was walking a little taller
inside while I had some growth hanging from my coat
makes me laugh every time.

See when I sat down to write this I was all cranky and now I am smiling again, because sometimes life is immature,
inappropriate, funny, and invigorating
just when you need a moment. 

GO out and have a moment people!
Feel the vibe
{insert smile with food in teeth here}


Kim said...

Love those moments!!!! Way to go Jennifer :)

The Preister's said...

I am sure he was checking you out jen...I would totally check you out too :-)

He was probably, no one can rock the 'hood holding on by a button and the one glove out' look like her. I have to meet her.


Crystal said...

And why WOULDNT he check you out! HELLO! Now you have made ME smile....and I needed that!