Saturday, September 11, 2010

Husker nation....interesting!

Mark and I ventured to a Husker game today!

We had fun and I supported the Huskers "bleacher sunburn" fit right into the sea of red!
You know the kind of sun burn that is on one side of your neck and the tops of your legs...yeah that's the one!

I was worried we would get there late, because we went to Cohen's soccer game first in Columbus, 
but we got there at the perfect time!
Right as we were going to our comes the band!
How Fun!
Couldn't have planned that any better!

Today is 09-11

I thought the flag was so stunning today

I found all kinds of things interesting at the game and just had to share!
You really must see.....

I have added this hat to my Christmas list =)
It was a beautiful sunny day today!
so protection was paramount in the stands!
Too bad I didn't get that memo...sunburn (oh yes I told you that already)
and this was........great!

Yes...A tail...really! OMG!

On a serious note. Check out these boots! They were even more rock star in person. I have never owned a pair of boots, but if I did...they might be a bit like these! Whatever does one wear with boots like these except a husker shirt really! I so wish you could have seen them in person!

Now I am making a confession here...there is a hidden part of me that wishes I was more like her!

Don't you just see her sitting there. She just eludes confidence and fun!
Love that!

oh and in case you are wondering I watched a lil' football too! 

There's just so much to see!
*Including the guy in front of us who completly sat on a Runza and then proceeded to eat it!
Despite the fact that it was completely flat!
I think the lady next to him was crying she was laughing so hard!


jen K said...

You are sooo hysterical! (ok a little stalkerish with all the pics but I get it) : ) STILL laughing bout the runza!!! SOOO something my hubby would do!

The Preister's said...

i do love those boots! Maybe we could buy them, and they could be like "sisterhood of the traveling pants" and we could swap the boots and stories that were lived in them!!?

so glad you had fun!!!

Kim said...

I'm so with you I also would have been people watching!!